Trials of Ascendancy

Trials of Ascendancy: What to Expect in the Gameplay?

Poe Trials of Ascendancy are one of the most challenging yet fun parts of the Path of Exile gameplay. There are multiple Trials that you have to complete throughout the gameplay to finish the game. 

Each trial has its own set of challenges that you have to complete. In this in-depth guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the Path of Exile Trials of Ascendancy. 

This guide is for absolute beginners who don’t know how to navigate through these Poe trials. So, keep reading till the end to learn how to beat the challenges that you come across when going through these ascendancy trials.   

About Poe Trials of Ascendancy

The Poe Ascendancy Trials are also known as Labyrinth trials or the lab trials. These trials are designed to test the control of a player over character movement.

A trial of ascendancy is a static puzzle that is distributed throughout the game’s different acts and maps. These trials first came out with the release of the ascendancy league. 

Further, the players need to complete this league if they want to unlock the ascendancy class. 

 As a player completes the trials of ascendancy, the various tires of The Lord’s Labyrinth get unlocked. 

When playing the game, you need to complete the trials in the increasing order of the difficulty.  

For example, each of the labyrinths in the game has its own set of challenges that consist of various traps. So, you need to beat all these traps to progress in the game. 

List of Trials of Ascendancy Poe

The Ascendancy Trials of Poe relate to each of the difficulties including the Normal, Cruel, merciless, and eternal labyrinth in the game.

In other words, Trials of Ascendancy locations differ based on the difficulty that you are playing in. The trials begin at the door named the “Trials of Ascendancy” and finish at the “Trial of Ascendancy Plaque”.

Here is the list of the trials of Ascendancy in each of the labyrinths in Path of Exile  

  1. The Labyrinth (Normal)

The normal labyrinth contains 6 trials. These trials include different traps and other challenges that you’d need to complete the game. 

So, here is the list of the trials in the normal difficulty of the lab

  • The lower prison, act 1 trial features spike traps
  • The crypt level 1, act 2 trials involve spinning blades
  • The chamber of sins level 2, act 2 trial contains saw blades
  • The Crematorium, Act 3 features durance traps 
  • The Catacombs, Act 3 trial contains blade sentries
  • The imperial garden, act 3 trial includes dart traps

Once you know how all these traps work, your chances of beating these traps increase a lot. So, you’d be able to better deal with the trials if you know what is coming. 

  1. The Cruel Labyrinth

This labyrinth difficulty is quite hard to conquer. You need a strong build to beat the challenges that you face here. The cruel labyrinth contains 3 trials. 

  • The prison trial, act 6 contains spike traps 
  • The crypt trial, act 7 contains spinning blades
  • The chamber of sins level 2, act 7 presents sawblades

Once you have a high enough level and you have confidence in your character build, you can get into these trials and complete them. 

Further, these trials contain the monsters including Ash Prophet, Brittle Arsonist, Flame guardian, and Brittle poacher. You need to defeat these monsters to get ahead in the game. 

  1. The Merciless Labyrinth

The merciless labyrinth has a higher difficulty level as compared with the labyrinths mentioned before. Likewise, this lab presents you with 3 extremely difficult trials that you need to complete. 

Here is the detail of the trials 

  • Bath House Trial, act 8 features furnace traps
  • Tunnel, Act 9 includes blade sentries
  • The Ossuary, act 10 contains dart traps

These trials include a lot of difficult-to-beat monsters. Some of them include the Brittle Gladiator, the Bubbling Wave, the Crashing Wave, Vortex and so much more. But you can also find the Rebirth item in this area which can prove to be good for your gameplay.  

  1. The Eternal Labyrinth

The Eternal Labyrinth has many different names. The Lord’s Labyrinth or the Uber Lab are some of them. 

Further, this lab recently became a part of the game and is quite difficult to beat. It has 6 trials that you need to complete, each more difficult than the other. 

  • Trial of Piercing Trust includes spike traps 
  • The Trial of Swirling Fear includes spinning blades
  • Trial of Crippling Grief features sawblades
  • The Trial of Burning Rage features furnace traps
  • Trial of Lingering Pain includes blade sentries
  • The trial of stinging doubt features dart traps

These trials are insanely tough. So, it can take a lot of time for you to complete these trials. But if you stick to it long enough, you’d be able to emerge victorious against these trials of Ascendancy.

Tips for Completing Trials of Ascendancy 

If you are having a hard time completing the Trials of Ascendancy, then here are some tips for you.

  • You can take the help of The Dream Trial Prophecy. It increases your chances of a map selecting the Ascendancy league mechanic when the game generates its tile-set. Further, Players will get a quest tracker that will show the league the mechanic selected by displaying the prophecy.
  • You can go to the global 820 channel where uses often share portals into their maps. You can use those portals to identify trials and get insights from the completed ones or still in progress. 

Wrapping Up

Trials of Ascendancy are quite hard to conquer but not in poe ninja. If you fail any of these trials, you’d have to start all over again. So, you need to choose a strong build that can withstand damage. 

Beating the Ascendancy trials is not easy. There is a lot that goes on in the gameplay. So, you need to stay sharp if you want to do well. Go over the trials of Ascendancy that we have talked about here and the tips for completing these trials. If you have any questions about these trials, let us know in the comments. We’d be happy to help you out.