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One India Tamil Nadu

History of One India Tamil Nadu

One India Tamil – India is a great country with generation vibrant cultures and old traditions. Apart from the unexplainable beauty seen in its land. India is a blessed terrain where individuals of different religions live together and share their happiness. Apart from the origin of four (4) major religions in India (Sikhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism). This country boasts a large range of intellectual activity, from Bengali, Punjabi to Tamil, Gujarati, and many more.

An economy that’s growing at 8.5% and a very bright outlook for the future…that’s the India story at its best. But, the success story of India, which in a way completes the image. It is the independent press that our 60-year-old democracy has governed to sustain.

One India Tamil:

The region of Tamil Nadu, in the southeast of India, depicts the evidence of having continuous habitation from 17,000 B.C.E to 11,000 B.C.E. Throughout the history of Tamil Nadu, spanning the rapid Upper Paleolithic age to current modern times. This state has coexisted with many outer cultures.

The three (3) ancient Tamil dynasties namely Chola, Pandya, and Chera were of ancient origins. Together, they ruled over this land with only one culture and language. Contributing to the development of some of the oldest extant literature in the world. These three families were in constant struggles with each other vying for leadership over the coastline. Assault by the Kalabhras in the time of the third (3rd) century interrupted. The conventional order of the terrain, changing the three ruling states.

These occupiers ran by the resurgence of the Pallavas and the Pandyas, who restored the traditional kingdoms. The Cholas reappeared from oblivion in the ninth (9th) century by defeating the Pallavas. The Pandyas rose to be a great force and extended their kingdom over the whole southern peninsula. At its height, the Chola empire spanned approximately thirty-six lacs(3,600,000) kilometers (1,389,968 square miles) straddling the Bay of Bengal. The Chola navy held sway over the Srivijaya state in Southeast Asia.

One India Tamil – News Websites

Welcome, to the world of Internet news. Afield where news is performing a duty for the latest news, piping hot, and breaking news. In the same way, concepts work, and at that time a judicial fuse between international, vernacular, national, and local content could be attained with finesse.

The Internet news representation holds considerable promise for a kingdom as diversified as India. However, on the flip side, the low perforation of the Internet in India is slowing down the appearance of the Internet platform in India. As of 2008, there are 60,000,000 Internet users-comprising 6.0% of the country’s population in India.

But for the Internet to perform at its best level there has to be a broadband connection. All that is considering as USPs of the Internet; namely the seamless integration of content with video and a lot of interactivity thrown in. Would perform at their optimum only on a super-fast broadband connection.

The population of India is more than one billion people. Furthermore, it includes among the largest internet users country in the world. Here I am providing important information by telling the most popular news websites of India which is one India Tamil.

One IndiaTamil News

One India Tamil is an Indian news website which is founded by BG Mahesh on 1st January 2006. Similarly owned by Greynium information technologies private limited. The Oneindia Tamil classified was not only in English but also seven other different Indian languages. For instance, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, and Gujarati. Thus, it also provides news updates, entertainment, sports events, travel, lifestyle, business, videos.

OneIndia Tamil Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd has raised a total of 2.2 Million dollars in funding over 1 round. This was undisclosed round increased in the year 2016. Tamil One India news Pvt Ltd uses 139 technology items and services including Google Analytics, jQuery, and HTML5, according to G2 Stack. Also Oneindia Tamil is actively using 71 technologies for its site, according to Build With. These include Viewport Meta, Mobile / iPhone Compatible, and Google Analytics.

One India Tamil – Greynium Information Technologies

OneIndia (Greynium Information TechnologiesPvt LTD), a section of the Dailyhunt Group, has India’s largest multi-lingual portals such as, Boldsky, Filmibeat, Gizbot, Drivespark, Goodreturns. in,,, click. in and Moreover, Greynium started its working in 2006 with the mission of filling the gap of Indian language stuff on the internet in several verticals. The portals combined publish content in 9 languages (Hindi, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada), attracting over 100 million-plus unique users and 1000 million-page visitors per month. Additionally, The group creates original content which is available on mobile web, desktop, and mobile apps. With content spanning across 11 categories including Entertainment, News, Lifestyle, Automobile, Personal finance, Technology, Sports, and more, OneIndia churns out around one thousand articles a day and has the company’s best engagement metrics.

Bangalore News

Bangalore news by one India Tamil is a web portal in the Kannada language in Bangalore. The columns like Bottom Item, Love Like, and KhaasBaat apart from Papigala which was about the underworld, build by numerous admirers and the tabloid articles include reports about crime to the public eye, scams, affairs, murders, scandals, background politics, although the precision of the reports is usually questionable. Apart from these particular reports, it contains many columns and a lot of articles about different fields like psychology, technology, Arts and science, sports, and cinema news.

Karnataka news

Karnataka news is a section of one India Tamil news for several cities in Karnataka. The web portal provides news from Mangaluru, Bengaluru, Hubballi, Gangavathi, Shivamogga, Kalaburagi, Belagavi, Hassan, Davanagere, and Chitradurga. It was started headed by Greynium Information TechnologiesPvt LTD.

Read all the latest Karnataka news headlines from India and around the world on Oneindia by using one India Tamil news extension. Oneindia is one of the leading news websites in India, which brings to the visitors the latest news on Current Affairs, Sports, Entertainment, Bollywood,and Politics in India and around the world. Oneindia also caters to the visitors interested in Movies, Lifestyle, Business, Gadgets, Automobiles, and more.

Mathrubhumi Latest News

Mathrubhumi News is another section of the latest news based on a Malayalam-language web news portal owned by One India Tamil. The news website was launched in the year of 2006, with the lighting of the traditional lamp by Greynium Information Technologies.

Mathrubhumi’s latest news is a Malayalam web page that publishes news from Kerala, India. The word “Mathrubhumi” translates to “the motherland” in the Malayalam language. It is the second most widely read news daily in Kerala. This segment publishes a diversity of supplements and magazines including the literary magazine, MathrubhumiAzhchapathippu once a week. Moreover, Student Empowerment for the Environmental Development is a Tamil one India news initiative. It aims at making environmental education a part of school education and make such activities part of their daily life.

Trump News

Another section for Oneindia Tamil News Update is a weekly webcast that launched in the year 2017 to support and analyze Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign. The show is available on the campaign’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts of one Indian Tamil, and its host was Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, wife of Eric Trump. Furthermore, It is presenting in the type of newscast and delivers updates on the accomplishments of the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Moreover, Lara played an important role in the year of 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump and was considered by many as a ‘secret weapon’ in fixing a Republican Party victory in North Carolina that year, in support of Donald Trump which is her father-in-law.

So, Lara started work on Donald Trump’s re-election attempt shortly after his initiation, working alongside Michael Glassner. Lara began work on Donald Trump’s election efforts shortly just after his inauguration, working alongside Michael Glassner. By March 2017 she was appointed as a senior advisor by the digital vendor for Trump’s campaign and could instantly become a central figure in his 2020 presidential movement.

ABN News                                      

It is a news section in one India web portal, launched in the year 2009 by Greynium Information Technologies. ABN is the abbreviation of Aamoda Broadcasting Network.

One India news has been criticized for being the first to institutionalize the practice of paid news in India. Where businessmen, celebrities, corporations, and politicians can pay the website and its reporters would convey the desired news for the payer. The Oneindia Tamil began the practice of “private treaties”, also called “brand capital”. Where startups, people, or movies seeking mass coverage and public relations, major brands, and organizations were introduced sustained positive coverage and plugs in its latest news sections in trade for shares or other types of financial responsibilities to Bennett. Moreover, One India with its “private treaties” program, acquired stakes in 300 companies. And generated 30% of its revenues by 2012. The “private treaties” and “paid news” practice started by one Indian Tamil has since been adopted by the India Today group. The Hindustan Times group, the Outlook group, and other major online media groups.