send pictures on tinder
send pictures on tinder

How to Send Pictures on Tinder Dating App

Tinder is one of the world’s leading dating applications. It allows people of all ages to express who they really are using their profile to attract potential matches. The app helps you find your soulmates using its highly effective algorithm. If you are new to the app and you don’t know how to send pictures on tinder, we can help you with that.

Sending Photos on Your Tinder Chat

To send pictures on tinder, you can use many different ways based on your preference. Tinder allows you to share your interests, likes, and dislikes, and based on that you find matches you have most in common with.

Once you have a match, you can start a chat and share your images in the following way

  • You are not allowed to send pictures to random people directly on tinder. However, you can do this by sending gifs instead. Just pick a few of your finest images and use any gif maker to convert them into gifs and share these instead.
  • You can also allow tinder to access your camera roll. This way you can instantly capture your best moments and share them with your potential soulmate.
  • You can upload these pictures and share these on tinder. Once a few people have saved these, you can remove them to avoid any tinder policy violation.

How to Send Pictures on Tinder with private mode

You can use some third-party picture sharing or saving tools to exchange tinder pictures privately. One of the most widely used methods is by using iCloud or google drive links to share your images on tinder.

  • First of all, you will need to login to your iCloud or Google Drive and upload the desired images on these platforms.
  • After that, you can click on the files you want to share from the cloud and copy them.
  • You can paste that link in your tinder private chat and the person you send that link can easily open it and access your images.
  • You can also do the same with your Instagram images. Just copy the link and paste it into the private chat box to send pictures on tinder.
  • Keeping your Instagram profile private and integrating it into tinder this way will not help. First, you need to give permission to access your Instagram profile and then share its link for it to work.

Sending Your Photos Using Tinder Message

Here is how to send pics on tinder indirectly

You can easily do this by using the Bitmoji features of tinder. A bitmoji is your very own personalized emoji. This contains some of your facial features and is a pretty fun way to express yourself. You can integrate these into your conversations and show your fun side to the tinder matches. Just remember the following few things about Bitmojis.

  • Do not overuse these since that can make you look desperate or immature.
  •  Only send Bitmojis occasionally and always send your actual photos from time to time.
  • To do that, you can either use the Cloud or Instagram. Just copy the links from these platforms and use these to send pictures on tinder.
  • Make sure to avoid breaking any tinder codes to avoid getting banned from the app forever.


  • Do not be rude on the app and be careful with the pictures you share.
  • Make sure to upload natural images with minimum editing.
  • Use gifs and Bitmojis to save your time.
  • Do not give false information on Tinder to avoid issues down the line.

How do I send my pictures to someone else?

Follow the steps down below to send any number of your pictures to others

  • Open the google drive app on your smartphone.
  • Login to your account by using the correct email and password.
  • Select any single photo or the whole album from your cloud storage.
  • After selection, you will see the option “send”. Click on it to proceed.
  • Now select one or more people you want to send these photos to.
  • Press sends to complete the task. Now you have shared your images from your google account.

Can you send pictures on tinder and match?

Yes, you can add a specific number of photos on your tinder or match app profile. For a match, you can upload a maximum of 26 photos. To add further, you will need to remove your old photos from the profile. Make sure to remove only those photos which have been liked less by the people on the app.

How do you love to react to tinder photos?

You can do this in two ways. Each tinder photo that appears on your device has a cross and a heart option. You can love the photo by pressing the heart button. If that sounds inconvenient, then you can also love to react to a photo by just simply swiping it to the right.

Once two tinder profiles press the same button, a match is established, and a messenger-like option appears for both parties to interact with each other.

Is Tinder mainly an app just for hookups?

Well, it mainly depends upon how serious you are in finding a long-term relationship. The app offers both casual hookups and meaningful relationships and it is the individual’s choice which way they want to go.

So, you can say that tinder is a bit of both a hooking up and a matchmaking app. Once two individuals click with each other on a deeper level, they can easily take their tinder match to the next level if they want to.

Is Bumble better than tinder?

If you compare these apps, you will find that a large population on Tinder is looking for just hookups while Bumble is more about meaningful relationships. This is not to say that you cannot find opposite trends on these sites.

Tinder has a more user-friendly layout while Bumble gives a more sophisticated vibe. Tinder focuses more on appearance while Bumble tends to highlight the personality of its users most efficiently.

Is there any dating app better than tinder?

If you are just looking for casual hookups, tinder is the best app for you. However, for more features and a better matchmaking experience, you can use Hinge. This app allows you to like and comment on any profile that you find appealing.

You can also directly text your match through the app and have a conversation. This improves your chances of finding the right person for yourself.

Which is the number 1 dating app?

In terms of online users and your probability of finding a match, tinder is the best app out there. Millions of singles log in to the app every day in search of that special person. If you are also single, we suggest you try out this app at once.

Tinder has a huge fanbase and it has proven its effectiveness a great many times. The app has a simple layout and many cool chat options to help you land that perfect match.

Is Hinge more effective than Tinder?

The hinge allows its users to connect with any person who they feel is attracted to it. Unlike Tinder, you don’t have to have a match with someone to start a conversation on Hinge.

You can visit the profile you have most in common with and start having a discussion about what you want out of your relationship.

Why am I not getting a match on tinder?

This can usually happen as a result of some violation committed by you on the app. Harassing people or being unnecessarily rude can lead to you not getting any matches on the app.

Another factor is not filling your profile carefully. An incomplete profile leads to fewer matches and that is why you need to be aware of this mistake.

What age group was Hinge developed for?

There is no specific age group for Hinge. However, a large population of users on the app is between the age of 24 to 32.

Is hinge great for hookups?

Most users on Hinge are more interested in long-term relationships. So, if you are looking for something casual, you will just be wasting your time on the app.

Is Hinge a hookup application?

Hinge is more of a long-term commitment finding app. You can seldom find here non-serious people who are just looking for something casual. The app mainly comprises working-class people who don’t have the time for casual dating and are looking to settle down.

How is hinge different from tinder?

You can send pictures on tinder using indirect methods such as by sharing links or gifs. On Hinge, you can do this directly. Tinder does not allow you to chat unless both people like each other’s profile while with Hinge you can easily do this even without a match.

With Hinge app, you can only like 10 profiles while with tinder you can do this up to 100 times in one day. Hinge helps you to filer the matches based on your preferences and interests.