Poe Uber Lab

Poe Uber Lab Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Uber Labyrinth

The Path of Exile gameplay is so long that it can easily take hundreds of hours to complete. The main story alone is about 30 hours on average. And when you mix in the extras and all the available play styles, the gameplay can take a lot more than 100h. If you want to complete the gameplay, you need to know what’s in store for you so that you can plan your journey. Labyrinths are an important part of Poe. Especially the Poe Uber Lab is one of the most popular ones that you need to know about. 

In this detailed guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the Poe Uber Labyrinth. We’ll tell you how you can get out of it and farm to make the most of the trials you face in this dungeon. 

What is Poe Uber Lab?

Uber Lab is short for Uber Labyrinth. It is a randomly generated dungeon that is filled with Traps, Monsters, and puzzles. 

The Uber Labyrinth is also known as the Eternal Labyrinth. It is one of the most important parts of the gameplay because a player needs to complete it in order to get the Last Two Ascendancy Points. 

Further, it is the final labyrinth and there won’t be similar challenges again in Poe. 

The Uber Labyrinth is the end-game part of Poe. Completing this requires you to finish 6 different trials. These trials are available on the end-game maps. 

So, you complete all the challenges of the Uber Labyrinth to reach the Aspirant Trial and you will fight Izaro there. 

How to start the Uber Labyrinth?

You need an offering to the Goddess to start the Uber Lab. Gamers can find this offering by completing a trial on the end-game map. You can also purchase it from other players if you want to. 

Completing the Uber Lab Poe is quite difficult. For example, if you die while completing the Uber Labyrinth, then you’d have to start from scratch again. 

You need to use a heavy character that can take a lot of damage if you want to successfully complete the Uber Labyrinth.  

How to Find the Latest Layout Updates for Uber Labyrinth?

Uber Labyrinth is quite tricky. Ever since the release of this Lab, its layout changed on a daily basis. It is quite hard for you to keep track of the game because you never know how the layout shifts the next day. 

So, you need at least some kind of help if you want to be effective at completing the Uber lab. 

You can use the POELAB to get guidelines for the route that you should take. This site features daily notes about the Uber Labyrinth. 

You’d get complete details about the Uber Labyrinth for the day, and you’d be able to use the insights provided here to complete the Uber lab with ease. 

How to Complete Poe Uber Lab Trials Quickly?

When the league starts, you’d need to find and complete the 6 trials on the map to get into the Uber lab. 

Finding these uber lab trials all by yourself will take a lot of time. So, you need to find a way to identify the trials without spending a lot of time. 

There are various ways you can do that. For example, you can ask other players about the location of the trials. You can also use the Dream Trial Prophecy to enhance your probability of finding a trial. 

You can try to do it all by yourself if you prefer that. However, it would be quite time-consuming and can get annoying at times.  

How to Do Poe Uber Lab Farming?

Uber Labyrinth might come off as intimidating, but it also offers a lot of currency earning opportunities that you can avail yourself of. 

But you need to know what you are doing. For example, you can make a lot of money at the start of a new challenge league. 

Here are some pointers for you to keep in mind that can help you with Uber Lab Farming 

  • Treasure Chests

As you start finishing up the challenge of Uber lab, you’d get treasure keys that you can use to open the treasure chests. These chests have a lot of expensive items including end-game maps, gems, level 84 helmets, and more. 

You can obtain these keys from Izaro, Argus, Curious Lockboxes, and other treasure chests. Further, you’ll find the treasure chests in secret rooms and side areas. Find the treasure keys and unlock treasure chests to get your hands to high-end items.   

  • Helmet Enchants

Uber Lab provides a lot of enhancements that you can use to earn game currency. These enchantments include helmets and boots. 

It is recommended that you carry items with a high level like 84+ or famous helmets base. Once you progress in the lab, you can check the chants to see what got. 

Further, you can sell those chants for a lot of currency. You need to be careful about the base that you choose to enchant it on. Also, if you want the best results, you should have a Twice Enchanted prophecy every time you try and attempt the Uber lab.    

  • Choosing a Build

You can start an uber lab character for the sole purpose of earning the currency. You need to choose a build that is budget-friendly. 

 But make sure that the build is strong enough to handle damage and it should have excellent mobility. We recommend using juggernauts for farming uber lab. 

Make sure that you choose a build that you are confident would work for you. If the build is not strong enough, you’d lose, and you’ll have to start over.  

  • Boost Other Players

Another way you can earn currency in the game is by boosting other players. Once you reach a high enough level, you’d be able to boost other players. 

You can use the trading channels 50 and 820 to find clients for boosting. You can charge reasonable fees for boosting other players. 

Wrapping Up

Uber Labyrinth is difficult and enjoyable at the same time. If you are familiar with the gameplay, you can have a lot of fun and earn a lot of currency from it. Still, you need to have at least 5K life and you need to be at least level 75 before you even think about entering the Poe Ninja Uber Lab. 

So, make sure to go through the prerequisites before starting the Uber Labyrinth. Once you are there, follow the points we talked about in this guide to make the most out of the Uber Lab completion experience.