Poe Trade

What Is Poe Trade? How Does it Work?

Path of Exile Trade or otherwise known as Poe Trade is basically an online platform that players can use to exchange the in-game item with one another. The trade involves no monetary transactions whatsoever.

This platform gathers most of its data from various Poe Trade forums, public stash tab API, and various subforums. The content from the subforums is accessible to POE Trading and here the content is read and uploaded. The forum allows players to upload posts including items from their game stash. Other players see these posts, and this confirms whether a certain item is available for trade or not.

You can acquire the items by appending the correct syntax following the original link code. The Trade keeps a record of your buying and selling activities and it looks at your posts every few minutes to update you about recent requests. You should Bump your thread as often as you can so that it appears on the top, otherwise due to the limitation of the number of threads caused by the indexer causes the thread to go unnoticed.

Almost every item you acquire in Poe is tradable. You just have to know what to look for and the right method to conduct your trading. The trading process itself is not so hard, however, finding the right items takes a lot of time and practice. One main source of items for trading in the Poe trade macro was the PoE trade. Trade, but due to the recent updates and changes in the domain name you can consider Pathofexile.com/trade for finding items for Poe Trading.

How Does the PoE Trade really Work?

Path of exile offers a very unique way of trading game items. There is no in-game infrastructure to conduct the trade unlike most of the mainstream RPGs. There are no auction houses for you to browse which means you have to locate a player with your desired item and initiate the trade Physically.

So, you just have to drag the item that you want to trade from the inventory and put it into the trade window. After agreeing on the trade, you can end the process with just one click.

Here is how you do a Poe Trade

  • First, visit poe.trade to acquire the item you need
  • Select the Whisper icon which is located on the right side of the seller’s name
  • This leads to the creating of a text string which you can paste in your in-game chat to message other players
  • If the player is online, they will probably invite you to their hideout for trading if they really want the item, you possess
  • Make sure you have the required amount of currency in your inventory
  • After the exchange, the trade automatically ends at the hideout of the seller

How to Sell Your Items in Path of Exile?

Selling is a little bit different than trading or exchanging items. This usually requires you to spend some money from your own pocket. It is more effective for players who have a premium stash tab where they can list items for trade. The Poe stash is a chest present in each central hub and the hideout that you own. There are usually tabs in each chest where you can store the loot you acquire while playing.

First of all, you will need to visit Pathofexile.com and create your account there. On the platform, you have to look for the trading section. Based on your league in the game, or whether you are buying or selling something, you are allowed to select from a number of options. 

Let’s say for example that you are a member of the Standard Heist League, and you want to make a shop.

  1. Go to the subforum standard heist league and then select Shop
  2. Here you have to start a new thread with whatever title suits you best
  3. In your main post, add the link to whatever item you wish to sell. In the upper left corner, you can see your own character and the account information.
  4. By clicking on the character icon, you can see your stash and inventory
  5. Here, by just clicking on the item you wish to sell; a code will be posted in the body of your post in the forum
  6. By following this code, you can tell the indexer the price of the item. One typical example is the syntax for a buyout (b/0) of four.

Orb of Chaos

For this particular item, the code will be chaos b/o four alch or b/o four exalted.

After this, you just submit your thread and give some time to the indexer to locate the item. This usually takes several minutes and if still the item is not found, you can increase the line to make the process faster.

How Does the Poe (Path of Exile) Trade Currency Work?

There is no universally accepted currency in POE rather the players can barter with the items they have in their inventory. The trading materials are commonly referred to as orbs. Each of these orbs has a variety of modifying effects for the items. The de facto standard is, however, Chaos Orb.

These orbs are hard to come by. But in the final levels of the game, the majority of trades involve exchanging the Chaos orbs. This is why you need to save these permanently each time you come across one in the game. Usually, 160 Alteration orbs are equivalent to one chaos orb which says a lot about how rare and uncommon it is.

Another rare item is the Mirror of Kalandra. This is one of the most expensive items from the game. To get one of these, you need about 48,300 chaos orbs which is insane. To sell your items effectively, you need to put them in the premium stash tab which is set to “Public”. Here you can price items one by one or group them and put a certain price for the whole deal.

Moreover, if premium tabs are not possible for you, you can also start a new thread or you can shop on trading sections on the official Poe trade forums. Another useful way is to link your items in your line. This automatically indexes your items and makes them available for other players to browse and buy.

Some of The Best Poe Items to Sell?

The Path of Exile Trade offers a list of all the people who want to sell something. You can search for people who are selling a similar item and see what their price is. This is pretty useful for exchanging one-of-a-kind items. One thing you need to keep in mind is that sometimes even two different items can have drastically different values. This difference is based on the color, layout, and level of the game.

So, let’s say you have come across a rare and unique item at some initial level, say 13, this item will be significantly less effective and weaker than the same item on the higher levels. If your required item is not available, you can expand the search or use filters. You can filter by the base type of the item and select a broader range of item levels to see similar items to the one you wish to buy or sell.

Final Words

This is all you need to know about Poe trading. The trading in this RPG is quite unique and you need to be quite careful while making any transaction. With the above information, however, we believe that you will find your Poe gaming experience to be more fulfilling and exciting.

We hope this stuff about Poe trading helps you and you find buying and selling in Poe much easier.