Poe Patch Notes

Poe Patch Notes: Path of Exiles Updates & Fixes Released

Ever since the initial release in October 2013, the Path of Exile gameplay has undergone many updates. There have been many patches for the game released so far to improve the graphics as well as the overall gameplay. If you want to master Poe, you need to know what the latest Poe update has in store for you. And Poe patch notes are the best way to do that.  

Path of Exile Patch Notes

Patch Notes are nothing, but the description of the updates released for the game. 

Whenever a game is updated, the developers release patch notes along with it. These notes help the game understand the changes made in the game.

In other words, patch notes are the notes for the path of exile game update. 

Likewise, Path of Exile has also released a lot of patch notes over the years. Learning about these patch notes will allow you to get ahead of your competition and gain an edge over them. 

What is a Poe Patch?

The Path of Exile gameplay has changed a lot over the years. Firstly, the graphics are better. Secondly, the gameplay and the characters have undergone massive transformations throughout the years. 

The developers of the game have released all these updates and patches to make the gameplay more fun for the gamers. 

A Poe patch is a Path of Exile update meant to either add new gameplay sections in the game or to improve the already existing game by optimizing its speed and graphics performance.  

Patch Notes 3.9

Poe Patch Notes 3.9 patch notes are the latest entry in the Poe patch notes release. These patch notes came out in December 13, 2019.  

Even today, the 3.9 patch notes are one of the biggest changes in the game that are still active. 

For example, this patch note introduced a whole new range of unique items and fixed many game issues that were bugging the gamers. 

Let’s briefly review the 3.9 patch notes for the path of exile

  • Metamorph Challenge League

The patch notes 3.9 introduced a new challenge league for the game. The Metamorph league is one of the most challenged leagues released so far. However, you can get a lot of rewards from it. 

You can get the newly released currency, the catalyst by defeating the monsters in this league. Once you get enough catalysts, you’d be able to enhance your modifiers and increase the quality of the rest of the items in the game.  

  • Major & Minor Content and Features

The conquerors of Atlas is a major update added in the game. Items like the Artillery Ballista and, Shrapnel Ballista are also huge updates described in the patch notes. 

For minor content and feature updates, the game is allowing you to add new item filters straight from the Poe website. Further, there also have been some minor graphics tweaks that you’d get to see once you play this new update.  

  • Skill Balance 

The skill balance has an update in the 3.9 patch notes. The ranges for various weapons have been enhanced. The updated items include Arc, Blast Rain, Burning Arrow, Caustic Arrow, Discharge, Freezing Pulse, etc. The list goes on. 

The skill balance update is great for beginners because it will offer them a better chance of dealing with massive threats. All these items have updated versions in the update to give the new gamers a better chance at fighting veteran Poe players. 

  • Passive Tree Balance

The Passive Tree Balance update is quite crucial because it has a direct impact on the skills of your character. 

With the 3.9 updates, the point-blank keystone is now much stronger. For example, it causes 30% more damage to projectiles if the enemies are close. 

So, the added damage will allow you to progress in the game in a much faster way. Other updates or passive tree balance include the decrease in movement speed of minions and the increase in fire damage. 

  • Ascendancy Balance 

Ascendancy Balance update has offered our minions 10% more speed. The Guardian and the Slayer also have undergone updates in the latest ascendancy balance update. 

For example, the Endless Hunger doesn’t affect the character when it is bleeding. The unwavering faith offers physical damage reduction. 

The updates for the ascendancy balance are all about making your attack as well as defense stronger than ever before. 

  • Unique Items

A lot of new unique items have updated versions in Poe Ninja with the new update. According to patch notes 3.9, unique items like the Reach of the Council, The Volley Fire, Asenath’s Chant, and Emberwake also have updates in the latest patch note release. 

You can learn all about these items and the changes made to them in the patch notes released for the game. Learning about changing in these unique items will allow you to come up with a better strategy for dealing with the challenges that you are going to face in the latest update. 

  • World Changes

The new Poe patch has also updated the world. The latest world changes include the addition of two new areas that are close to the Epilogue town. You’d be able to access these areas when you progress through Kirac’s quest. 

The world change includes new parts of the gameplay available for exploration. 

  • Bug Fixes

The update before the 3.9 patches had a lot of bugs in it. The update has fixed a lot of the gameplay issues. Some bug fixes include the fixing of a bug that was causing the mines to have a different rotation for the gamers than the one initiated by the server. 

In the last update, there was a wonky transition effect in the Savage Crab’s animation set. This animation issue doesn’t happen anymore. 

  • Hot Fixes 

There were some serious issues on the server-side for the Poe gameplay. Most of these issues have also been fixes.

The developers have deployed a hotfix for managing the instance crash occurring with Volatile dead. Further, the issue with the Vaal Oversoul’s Skill behavior won’t happen anymore. The instance crash related to prophecies also won’t happen anymore. 

What are PTR Patch Notes?

PTR stands for the Public Test Realm. It is a special service that develpers developers of a game offer where they test game updates before releasing them to the public. 

Developers released the PTR patch notes for testing purposes. Gamers can join PTR forums for a game to play the update. For example, gamers can play the updates for a game on the PTR forums and then give their feedback about how the game is working to the developers.

Patch Notes League of Legends 

League of Legenda came out in 2009 and the game has many updates released for it so far. Below are the most popular patch notes league of legends updates that have changed the gameplay of LOL quite a lot. 

  • Lol patch 9.14: League patch 9.14 update came out in July 2019. This patch update did not have a lot of changes. Although Lol patch 9.14 added some new counters including the Anti-Shield, Anti-healing, and the Flat Damage reduction.  
  • Lol Patch 9.21: These patch updates came out in October 2019. Not many changes made in the lol patch 9.21. There were some minor bug fixes as well as visual improvements that you could see in this update.  

Final Words

This is all there is to it! Although we have talked about the major Poe patch note updates in this article, these updates are just the tips of the iceberg. You need to check out the official patch notes released by the game developers to get a more comprehensive overview of the way the latest update works. 

Let us know if you have any questions about Poe Patch Notes 3.9. We’d be happy to help you out!