Poe Ninja

Poe Ninja: Uses, Features, and Benefits You Need to Know

Action role-playing Poe Ninja and more games are quite popular among the gaming community. These games take place in a fantasy world where the player assumes the role of a character in the game. Throughout the gameplay, the player has to follow a storyline to move forward in the game and make the character advance in the fictional world. 

Path of Exile or the Poe is an RPG game with a huge fanbase all around the globe. So, if you are looking for a top-rated action role-playing game with awesome action and top-notch visuals, then you’ve got to check this game out.   

Let’s talk in detail about Poe and Poe Ninja, a popular trading platform for gamers based on the Path of Exile Currency.

Path of Exile Overview – Poe Ninja

Poe is an action RPG game that is designed by Griding Gears. This game came out in 2013 and was initially released for Microsoft only. The Xbox One version of the game came out in 2017. Poe made it to PS4 in 2019. 

Path of Exile takes place in a dark fantasy world where the main character is in exile. But the character has to survive the harsh conditions of the continent Wraeclast and take their revenge on people who responsible for their current situation. 

This game is free and offers a wide range of customization of the characters in the game. For example, it features awesome combat, powerful items, and amazing visuals that will keep you hooked for hours.   

There are 4 leagues in Pea that a character can join 

  • Ultimatum
  • HC Ultimatum 
  • Standard
  • Hardcore

A character can join only one of the 4 leagues at a time. But once the character joins the league, it won’t be able to interact with the characters from the other leagues. 

What is Poe Ninja?

Path of Exile contains a wide range of items for powering up and upgrading your character in the game. You unlock more unique items as you keep moving forward in the game. 

The Path of Exile Ninja is a trading platform for the path of exile gamers. It is an economic build overview of this RPG game. So, it fetches the game data from the publish stash tab of Poe. 

The currency system of Poe is quite unique. It involves scrolls and orbs, and their values keep fluctuating. This game also has a huge collection of unique items. These items have variable values based on the league you are in and the builds that you are going for. 

However, it is hard for gamers to keep track of the changing currency rates for the game. Which can make it quite hard for the players to make a good trade.

This is where Poe Ninja comes in.

This website does all the calculations for the gamers. After that, it shows them the real data about the currency exchange rates so that you can find the best deal for your trade. 

Poelab is another useful site for Poe gamers that has useful gameplay tips and guides for Path of Exile gamers.

How Does Poe Ninja Work?

You can think of this platform as the stock market for Poe gamers. Just like the rates of stock keep changing, the currency exchange, as well as the rate of the item, keep changing in the Path of Exile. But it is more virtual based instead of having any kind of value in the real world. 

Path of Exile Ninja takes into account all the statistics and calculations to give you an idea about the current rates. It gives you a complete historic overview of the currency fluctuation and Items rates for the past 120 days. 

Moreover, there is also a Confidence Indicator that is given with each item so that you can know about the accuracy of the calculation. 

With the data given in this platform, the players can assess their game assets and make an informed decision about trading them.

What is Poe Trade?

If you don’t know what trading means in Poe, then this section is for you.

Poe Trade is the comprehensive analysis and depiction of the currency and items rate of Path of Exile. That is to say, it is kind of like an indexer for the game store, so it makes all the latest information about the items in the game, public for the gamers. 

Sites like Path of Exile Ninja take the information from the general public stash tab of Poe and make it available for the gamers in an easy and understandable way.

In short, Path of Exile Ninja is a little bit different than Poe Trade Macro and is a completely reliable way of staying on top of the path of exile currency and item trades.

Poe Reddit

If you have any questions or queries about the Poe Gameplay or Path of Exile Ninja, then you should join the Reddit thread for Poe. 

This thread has over 400k members. Further, people in this community are always talking about the latest updates like items and builds of the game. 

Therefore, you can join Reddit Path of Exile to keep yourself updated with the latest Poe news. Gamers can also post their queries about the game if they have any. You can also get complete details about Poe patch notes leaks from the path of the exile subreddit.

Path of Exile Ninja Features

  • General Items in Poe Ninja

The general items tab in Path of Exile Ninja includes items like currency, fragments, Divination Cards, Prophecies, Oils, and incubators. Moreover, you can see the buying and selling prices of all these items by clicking on one of the items in the general tab menu.

  • Catalysts & Builds in Poeninja

Path of Exile Ninja offers complete information about the best Poe Ninja Builds and Catalysts that you can go for. So, you will find the best builds at the top of the Builds page. You can choose the builds and catalysts based on your requirements. 

  • Poe Affix

An affix is a mode that you can use on a non-unique item in the game. Poe Affixes are not directly available via the game, but you can get them from various 3rd Party sources. That is to say, adding an affix will take your character customization to a whole new level.

  • Poe Crafting

The Crafting section on the Path of Exile Ninja includes items like Base Types, Resonators, Helmet Enchants, Fossils, Beats, Essences, and Vials. Further, you can visit each of these items to see their latest rates and historical data about all these items including Trials of Ascendancy

  • Poe Vials

A vial is a currency item in Poe which is used for upgrading the character. The upgrades mostly relate to items used for aggression in the game. Some of the vials in Poe include the Vial of Awakening, Vial of consequences, Vial of Dominance, etc. 

Moreover, there are many other vials available within the game and you can check out the prices for these items on the Path of Exile Ninja website.

  • Poe Equipment & Gems

If you are looking to upgrade your character with various battle equipment and gems, you can get their details in the Equipment & Gems section of the Path of Exile Ninja website. 

These items include the Unique Weapons, Unique Armors, Unique Accessories, Unique Flasks, Unique Jewels, and Skill Gems. Further, Path of Exile Ninja will give you the rates for all these items so that you can move forward with a trade that works the best for you.

  • Poe Onslaught

Onslaught Poe is an upgrade that increases the attack strength of the character by 20% and increases the cast and movement speed as well.

 Benefits of Path of Exile Ninja

Using the Path of Exile Ninja will allow you to up your trading game for Poe items. This platform is your most reliable choice for finding all the latest information about Poe currency and items. 

  • Real-Time Stash Tab Analysis 

Path of Exile Ninja is always fetching data from the game’s Public Stash Tab API and it keeps track of all the items of the game that are on sale. 

So, the data that it gets from the stash tab API, the site analyzes it and performs various calculations on it to find the exchange rates for the currencies and the most approximate prices for items.  

  • Live Updates on the Website 

Once the website has completed analyzing all the data that it is getting directly from the game’s official website. It displays it on the web browser for the users. We recommend Poe gamers to bookmark this site to always stay on top of the latest currency and item updates.  

  • Historical Data Graph 

This website analyzes the currency and, items data for the past 120 days and gives the users an interactive, graphical overview of how the market has developed in that timeframe. You can use this information to make predictions about exchange rates. 

  • Confidence Indicator 

The confidence indicator is placed with every item on the site. The colors green, yellow, and red are used to represent the confidence indicator. Each color shows the amount of information used to calculate the price of the item. 

  • Free to Use

This platform is completely free to use for Poe db gamers. There is no need to buy a subscription or to set up a payment plan for using the features of this website. 

Wrapping Up

Path of Exile Ninja offers an easy and accurate way of managing your Path of Exile trade. Instead of blindly going into the game store and making random trades, you can use this platform to correctly time your trading decisions. 

There are so many items in the store and so many gems that you can find to take your gameplay to the next level. Make sure to keep checking the Path of Exile Ninja website to get the latest details about the currency and items exchange rates for Poe.