How Video Marketing Has Become an Indispensable Tool for Businesses

Video marketing is an integral part of business marketing today. Video marketing helps to enhance a brand’s reach and availability and is widely used to promote products and services to consumers. Video marketing has many benefits that motivate businesses to promote their products and services in different ways.

Video marketing plays a fundamental role in creating SEO-enhanced content, posting on social media, generating leads, enhancing product marketing, converting leads into sales, and increasing ROI. Improve your business’s video marketing tactics, advertising, and promotional strategies to give your business the boost it needs to survive.

Let us look at some facts about how video marketing is significant for businesses:

Over the past year, video has been the number one medium for content strategy, far surpassing blogs and infographics. 

  • People are spending approximately a billion hours of video watching on YouTube alone.
  • Businesses have claimed that video marketing has helped them enhance their brand awareness by 54%.
  • 65% of businesses have acknowledged success in content marketing.
  • 87% of customers prefer watching videos from brands.
  • Explainer videos have helped 81% of businesses to increase their volumes of sales.
  • When customers want to learn about a new product or service, 68% of them prefer getting related information from videos.
  • 74% of consumers follow businesses on social media channels, and 96% of them engage with brands on at least one platform.

The Biggest Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business

In addition to staying ahead of the competition, your video marketing strategy can give your business significant benefits such as:

High Conversion Rate

According to Word Stream, simply if your landing page incorporates a video, it can enhance conversions by 80%.  A short, engaging video can get a customer through the marketing funnel in under two minutes.

Videos Build Consumer Trust

The key to video marketing is that businesses can competitively present products and services to build relationships between brands and consumers. When it comes to engaging your audience, videos are a great way to promote brands and build brand awareness while engaging with the audience.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Your website containing videos can improve your SERP rankings and enhance organic traffic by 157%. This is an important reason to start using video to enhance the chances of appearing in related searches. Simply create your SEO and keyword-enhanced videos to appear on the first page using the right keywords, hashtags, CTAs, thumbnails, titles, descriptions, etc.

This will improve your search engine optimization and help you rank higher when customers search for your relevant product, service, or business. Video is a powerful weapon for SEO professionals. Engaging videos keep potential customers from leaving your site. Videos grab your viewer’s attention and allow them to delve deeper into your site’s content, resulting in lower bounce rates.

Video Production Is Convenient and Affordable

You may not need an expert to help create your video. All you need is an effective online video editor to help you curate and edit SEO-enriched videos that can attract as many clients as possible. You must create compelling recommendations, intros, and outros and upload your content to multiple platforms.

Improves Customer Loyalty

Video helps businesses improve customer relationships and build trust with potential customers. The average person finds it easier to connect when they see other people talking directly to them.

Better Than Text

Video evokes emotions more than text as it uses voice, music, and facial expressions that help humanize your brand. Videos are more relatable and don’t create the monotony of just reading text.  Videos help in building brand awareness while engaging with your audience. Use video to tell your company’s story, schedule employee interviews, or share behind-the-scenes footage. Video advertising and marketing can boost your online presence by making your content highly engaging.

Easier to Enhance Awareness of Products and Services

Potential viewers decide on making purchasing decisions after looking at videos, and the way brands have presented themselves. They prefer watching a video to understand a product or know about a brand rather than reading about it. Thus it is advised to always include a video description and give consumers the media they need. Product videos, including tutorials, guides, and unboxing, are the perfect medium for your target market.

Increased Engagement

Videos have tremendous social share potential, as shareability and word of mouth go hand in hand. By making your content more shareable, you reach a wider audience and empower them to interact with you. Humans like to engage with people related to businesses and products instead of connecting with automated machines or robots. Video marketing removes the barrier by allowing people to hear and discover your story. 

Video Is a Great and Affordable Investment

A video on your landing page can significantly improve conversion rates and influence a visitor’s purchasing decision. Depending on how much a company spends on marketing, improving ROI using effective video marketing strategies plays a big role in the decision-making process. Considering all the benefits and stats mentioned above, the ROI of your campaigns could increase significantly if you take maximum advantage of your video marketing.

How to Make Effective Videos?

Here are some tips and techniques that will help you curate professional videos that can be marketed well on all your digital channels. You don’t have to professionally create every marketing video. You simply need to:

  1. Focus on your target audience – You must check for your audience’s preferences, needs, and demands before you start creating videos for your businesses. Good research can help you deliver the message of your choice.
  2. Create strong intros and outros – The beginning and the end are where the video has the greatest impact on the consumer. Your intro and outro should be informative, fun, and inspirational, as well as eye-catching. You can use a video editor to prepare this part that invites viewers to watch and share the video. Focus on the first 10 seconds to attract the viewer’s attention.
  3. Create videos for mobile users – People mainly use their smartphones to watch videos, so your business needs to create mobile-friendly videos that can instantly reach your target audience.
  4. Keep your videos short – You don’t have to make your videos long to get the job done. On the contrary, long videos drive viewers away. The most effective videos for marketing purposes are no longer than 120 seconds.
  5. Include a call to action – CTAs can direct your audience to your website or other marketing handles to increase views and shares. A call to action at the end serves as a source of inspiration and guides the viewer on what to do next. To ensure your success, you need to track your video marketing stats and increase brand awareness in exciting and engaging ways.
  6. Cross-promotion of videos – Now that you’ve created the much-needed hype around your videos, it’s time to pitch them. You should share your brand-related videos on all available channels and social media addresses. You can also choose paid promotions that help you get better views and visibility and more shares. So, if you want more people to see your video, promote it well.


We can summarize by concluding that video marketing is an integral tool for businesses and brands. The trend is here to stay, and digital marketing today mainly revolves around video marketing. It is highly recommended to consider the above advantages of videos in business success and promote your products and services using this tool right away.