How To Use Zoom: Tips & Tricks For Better Video Meetings

There are just too many things that have changed after the pandemic. Businesses were forced to change their business model, consumers changed their behavior, and we entered the age of industrial revolution 4.0.

Today, businesses need no meeting room or conference hall; it can be done from the room itself. No matter where partners, employees, or colleagues are, you can discuss business anywhere and anytime with Zoom.

Zoom has become quite popular as the platform for holding meetings and conducting group discussions. Although Zoom is a favored software tool for businesses, people use it only to its basic potential and never try to explore everything.

Zoom is a platform that holds many secrets. If you can unveil these secrets, you will find that your experience with Zoom has gotten to the next level.

Before we can start unveiling secrets about Zoom, you first need to have Zoom. If you don’t have Zoom, download it from the pirate bay.

Now that you have the Zoom software tool let’s start.

Tips And Tricks For Better Zoom Meeting

Zoom has become a stable tool for businesses to hold meetings today. It is likely that even your business uses Zoom daily to hold meetings. 

But what if we say you are not using Zoom to Its full potential?

Despite people using Zoom every day, they are still not taking full advantage of all the features. In fact, some people are yet to learn to use Zoom the right way.

Worry not! Today we are here to help you out make the most out of your Zoom meetings. Below we have listed a few tips and tricks that will enhance your Zoom meeting experience.

Get Accustomed To Shortcuts

When you use a keyboard, the shortcut keys make things easy for you. You don’t have to navigate through the setting to change anything. The same thing can be done in Zoom. 

In Zoom software, there are shortcuts for everything you want to do. Below are some common shortcuts that will enhance your Zoom meeting experience.

  • ALT+A: Mute/Unmute.
  • ALT+C: Start/End cloud recording.
  • ALT+N: Switch your camera.
  • ALT+F: Enter/exit full screen.
  • ALT+S: Stops screen sharing.
  • ALT+SHIFT+T: Takes Screenshots.

Display Your Name

When you log in to Zoom, it gives a default name. Unfortunately, the name is more of a series of characters that look too unprofessional.

Once you have registered yourself on Zoom, the first thing you need to do is change your name to a more presentable one.

Silent Desktop Notification

Notification can be a nuisance when you are in an important meeting, especially when discussing something important with your peers. It can distract everyone in the meeting and disrupt the professional environment.

Silent or disable desktop notification for the time. This will ensure your meeting is conducted without any disturbing sound coming from the background.

Enable Meeting Reminder

Always Enable meeting reminders. We know that you are a person with principles and value time. But when you are at home, many things can distract you and make you forget about the meeting. 

Zoom software tool comes with a meeting reminder. It will remind you about the meeting and ensure you are always on time.

Use Zoom Integrations

Zoom is the most preferred software tool for holding business because of how other tools can easily be integrated.

For instance, you can integrate Zapier with your Zoom ID. Zapier tool helps you access different software applications to make your Zoom experience worthwhile.

Use Filters

A-Zoom meeting is a place where people present themselves professionally. It doesn’t matter whether you are attending the meeting from home; you must be at your best. This is where the filters come to use. 

Zoom software tools come with filters that enhance the video output and make you look more presentable even when you don’t have your makeup on.

Finally, Please Mute Yourself

When you are in a Zoom meeting, it is proper etiquette to start the meeting by keeping yourself mute. Yes, the host of the meeting can mute you. But, come on – Be a responsible adult!

By muting yourself, you ensure that no embarrassing sound is shared over the meeting. Of course, nobody wants to hear you munching on your fries.