How To Use Video Marketing To Increase Engagement With Blog Posts?

In this ever-growing digital age, every business is building its internet presence with the help of websites. More and more blogs are published to attract a large audience to reach out to them. The end purpose is to make your audience come to your website and make them spend more time on it. And what could be better than using appealing visuals in the form of video? With the help of an easy online video editor, you can do it with ease. When you incorporate videos in your blog articles, readers are more likely to come to a halt when they get to the video. They will interact with the information by clicking on it because the video stands out among all the text in the blog post. Video marketing is a bulls-eye technique to upscale your marketing tactics.

Why Should You Use Video Marketing to Increase Blog Post Engagement?

This question will undoubtedly pop into your mind when you have quality content, good images, and the best SEO techniques in place; why use video marketing? There are various benefits of video marketing that are as follows:

  • Videos made with the help of an easy online video editor are simple and easy to understand
  • Video-added blog entries are more likely to rank higher in SERPs than non-video blogs
  • It increases the credibility of your website and blog
  • Video is the ideal type of content for mobile devices, and it is becoming increasingly popular around the world
  • Your internet presence will increase due to video content, and visitors will come from search engines, social media, and other sources
  • It divides long blogs into coherent parts using videos
  • It increases the amount of time your audience spends on the blog
  • It attracts Millennials and Gen-Z as they consume a lot of digital content

How Can Videos Help You Get More People to Read Your Blog Posts?

Here are some pointers on making the most of video content to increase viewership.

Produce unique video content

Creating original videos from an easy online video editor will add authenticity and boost your blog post’s engagement rate. Consider the type of content like:

  • About Us video

Make a personal branding image with About Us videos. These videos give short and crisp information about your business or company.

  • Tutorials

It is much easier to recall when content is glimpsed and listened to. Product videos, explainer videos, and tutorials are among YouTube’s most-watched videos. Explainer videos and tutorials are also easier to make than other videos.

  • Vlog

 Vlogs are a low-cost way to build a distinct brand voice and approachable image that appeals to your target demographic. Shooting a quick, spontaneous vlog with nothing more than your smartphone or webcam is inexpensive and simple.

  • Client testimonials and reviews

Not many people know, but testimonial and client reviews can add a lot of credibility to your blog or business. It helps build trust among new customers while giving existing customers confidence in their choice.

  • Call To Action

Make your video more dynamic by including a call to action. There are various ways to do it like giveaways or contests, a chance to feature in videos, etc., on other social media platforms are Facebook or Twitter.

The video platform makes new connections with the visitors and helps to reap more benefits from your blog. If your content is genuine, people will love to connect with your post and share it with others. More the number of visitors, likes, comments, more will be the engagement and popularity. In addition, updates to your customers via video marks a good impression and give a personal touch to them.

Keep your videos short

There is a pool of content and information online; marketers find that brief content is more effective at attracting and marketing their product, service, or concept. Short and crisp videos made by an easy online video editor render better results than long-form content. And with an increasing short span of attention, it has become even more important to keep videos short. Experts recommend keeping in the range of 2-3.5 minutes and not more than that. The other reasons are that they are more popular since they are simple to consume, like, share, and remember. One doesn’t need to go into details and present a brief idea of your message. Even small firms can benefit from the power of video marketing due to its low cost. Remember that videos are not exclusive; they address your blog’s content. Today, there are more videos to watch than ever before. 

Host Videos on YouTube

There are two ways to host video online, either on your website or platform like YouTube. YouTube has many SEO and analytic tools to track and trace engagement. For platforms like WordPress, YouTube videos are easy to embed in it. For that, go to your website’s backend, and when you wish to attach any visual material, you may immediately paste the URL of the video you want to link, and it will get displayed in your post.

Repurpose video content that already exists

Repurposing videos is another excellent strategy to enhance interaction with your blog posts if you already have a YouTube channel or a content hub with video material. Remember that the video you’re embedding should be pertinent to the blog post’s theme.

To advertise your blog, use video as a teaser

Effective blog promotion is the key to success. One of the most effective but least used strategies is producing teaser videos. These videos are generally 60 seconds or less. It summarizes your entire blog material, giving the readers a glimpse of your blog. So even if they don’t go through the entire content, they will likely receive its highlights.

While your blog can be exceptional in its writing, video marketing tactics can maximize your reach. There is no doubt that visuals entice the masses. It is a great tool to reach out to more and more people on the internet. Moreover, it will be an added advantage to make your audience engage with your content for more time. The tips and tricks in this blog will help you achieve your marketing goals better.