Service stabilitrak

How to Reset Stabilitrak Light Indicator on Your Vehicle

Before we dive into how you can reset Service StabiliTrak, first you must know what it is and what functions it performs.

A StabiliTrak is an ESC (electronic stability control) system that is used in cars to give them more grip on slippery roads. Stabilitrak also works to prevent accidents that result from a lack of traction between the car and the road. 

This system uses sensors to detect when a tire of your vehicle slips or malfunctions and applies automatic breaks in a way that allows you to maintain your grip. This allows you to travel in the direction where you actually want to go instead of just slipping randomly.

How do you reset your vehicle’s stabilitrak?

Once your vehicle’s tire loses its grip and starts sliding, the StabiliTrak light turns out to inform you about it. There are certain situations when high traction can be risky for your vehicle and you need this feature to turn off.

One way to quickly solve this issue is by stopping your car near a curb and then shutting it down completely. You need your car to be off for about 30 seconds and the StabiliTrak light will disappear.

What causes stabilitrak light to turn on?

Now you know what is StabiliTrak and how you can turn it off. It is also important to know the possible reasons that might cause the light to turn on. These include a faulty steering rack, tire malfunction, weather conditions, and a faulty rotational speed sensor, etc.

All these things can cause the light to turn on and if that happens you need to visit some professional at once to get your car examined.

What does the Service stabilitrak light on your truck tell you?

The purpose of the StabiliTrak is to keep in check whether the movement of the wheel is consistent with the direction of the car or truck. It uses sensors that detect when this does not happen.

This system is connected with your car breaks, steering, and other vital parts and if the light turns on it is an indication that your car is having a malfunction.

How can I turn stabilitrak off quickly?

To do this press the traction control button and keep the pressure on for a while. After that immediately lift your hands. This should turn the traction control off quickly.

Should you continue driving while the Service stabilitrak light is on?

This depends upon the situation you are in at the time. If you are certain that you are losing grip on the road due to weather conditions, or when taking sharp turns and the light on, this shows that the system is working properly.

Driving in this condition with the light on is actually safer. However, if there is no loss of traction but still the light is on, you should get your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

How much do you need to pay for your traction control system repair? 

If you do not include taxes and similar fees, an average traction control system can be repaired between 80 to 95$. The parts cost about 45$ while the labor cost can range from 40$ to 51$. No matter what kind of car you own, you can have its Service StabiliTrak system fixed in the above-mentioned price range easily.

What is the average cost for repairing an ESC system?

You can install or replace your electronic stability control system for around $110. This price applies to all those vehicles that come with a built-in ABS brakes system. If you want to install some optional features and equipment, the price range for doing that is about $300 to $800.

What are some of the main reasons for traction control malfunction?

There are many reasons this can happen but the most popular ones include faulty Anti-Lock Braking sensors or wheel speed sensors. This causes the system to turn on the Service StabiliTrak lights even when there are no signs of reduced traction.

The build-up of dirt and other contaminations on the sensors can cause traction control malfunction. This is why you must get your car for inspection and cleaning after every few weeks.

How can you troubleshoot traction control and ESC issues?

Let’s say you are driving down the road and out of the blue the traction control light turns on. If you know how to reset the service StabiliTrak light, you can easily solve this problem.

What you can do is first park your vehicle at the side of the road. You can try turning the car off for a minute and then turn it on again.

If the light stays on, it shows the system has suffered serious damage. If, however, upon restarting the light turns off, that shows that the system was just facing a minor glitch in the sensors.

What are the major signs of a faulty traction control system?

Following are some of the most obvious signs that show you need to have your electronic stability control or traction control system examined.

  • The traction control indicator light is on.
  • The ABS features not working.
  • The traction control features not responding.
  • The system is not turning on/off on your command.

How can you restart the service traction control feature on your vehicle?

This process is pretty simple and self-explanatory. First, you need to start the car and then look for the buttons such as ESP, ESC, or DSC, etc. on the dashboard. After pressing one of these buttons for three to 6 seconds, you can easily reset your traction control system.

What is the correct way to bypass the traction control on your car?

All you have to do is to look for a picture of a car with wavy lines below on your dashboard. There you will find a button which upon pressing will bypass the traction control system.

After you push the button, the light on your dashboard will turn yellow. This steady yellow light indicates that the traction control system is now off.

What is the purpose of a traction control system in your car?

This system is installed to give your car more stability even in bad weather conditions like snow, rain, etc.

The system is connected with your tires and braking system. It activates when the sensors detect the tires are about to slip.

The system disables the slipping tires and gives you more control over the direction of the car.

Are Service stabilitrak and traction system the same?

Essentially both these systems perform similar tasks. GM’s ESC system designed the Stabilitrak system technology. Traction control uses sensors to detect when the car is slipping.

Tractor control uses car brakes to provide stability. The service StabiliTrak cuts down the power and applies the brake to steer the car in the right direction.

Can a faulty wheel bearing cause the stablilitrak light to turn on?

Yes, a bad wheel bearing increases the chances of skidding. The sensors of your TCS system detect it easily and that triggers the traction light.

What are the possible reasons for a faulty speed sensor?

The internal failure of the sensors can be a cause of that. The damaged tip of the sensors can also cause them to malfunction at times. For better balance, you need to replace the sensors in your ABS as soon as possible.