Open Lifeproof Case

How to Open Life proof Phone Case?

Lifeproof cases are designed to protect your expensive handheld devices. The material of these cases is made from strong metals that give protection to your device from high falls, water, and dirt. If this is your first experience with a phone case and you don’t know how to open LifeProof case, we can help you with that. You need to be very careful while placing your phone inside the cover and while taking it out. Using unnecessary force can cause damage to your device permanently.

How to Open Life Proof case of any iPhone Device?

If you own the latest or any other iPhone model, it is of absolute importance that you keep this expensive device safe from falls. To make things a bit secure, you need to use a life proof case. 

These cases come in various colors and styles. Let’s say you have decided to change your older case and you are now thinking about taking off the previous one.   

Here is how to take off lifeproof case from your phone while keeping it safe and intact

Locate the Charging Spot

Most phones have a charging port at the bottom. No matter where you see that port, you need to close it by flipping the port cover down with your fingernails. You can do the same for the headphone port.

Doing this will protect these points while you remove the cover. If you ignore this step, chances are while using tools, some residue might enter into your charging port and affect its performance.

This will also help you get a better grip while you remove the front and back of the cover. Closing these essential ports is going to make your lifeproof phone case removal process faster and more efficient. Most professionals recommend it and we suggest you do this just to be on the safe side.

  1. Find a Small Port Next to the Charging Spot

Locating this slot can also help you remove your mobile case with ease. This slot is usually located at the right or left of your charging port. You can use this as a reference while you remove the life proof case.

The slot usually has a thickness of about 2cm. This slot does not contribute much to the main functions of your phone and that means you can use it to open your phone case without risking your device’s performance.

  1. Insert the Case Key

The purpose of a case key is to remove the cover without scratching or damaging your device. This key usually goes inside the slot that you have just located beside the charging point.

Once you insert the key, you need to twist it to start the unlocking process. You need to keep twisting it until you hear a clicking sound coming from the lifeproof case. This sound is a confirmation that the back and front parts of the case have separated.

If you do not have access to a case key, you can use a coin instead, you just need to insert it in the gap between the two parts of the cover and push it downwards. This should separate both parts of the cover easily.

  1. Use Your Thumb

Now that you have a gap between the cases, put the front of your thumb in the gap and lightly apply pressure to separate the cases. Keep moving your thumb around till the whole case is separate from the phone. Don’t mind the clicking sounds that you hear since they indicate that you are removing the life proof case right.

After removing one side of the case, put the phone down on some soft surface like a towel. After that use the same approach to remove the rest of the case. Now, your phone is without its protective cover. You need to keep it with care since even a less high fall can now cause it to break.


  • Make sure to carry out this process on your bed or sofa for maximum safety.
  • Use your thumb when applying pressure on the screen
  • Gently push the sides of the case up while you put stress on the screen
  • Wait for the clicking sound before removing the cover completely at once.
  • Use a lifeproof case key if you have one available

How do you take off a lifeproof case?

Follow these steps to remove a life proof phone case easily

  • Locate the charging and handsfree port and flip these.
  • Find a small slot around the charging spot.
  • Flip the phone so that its back is now facing you.
  • Grab the case key or a coin and insert it inside the slot.
  • Slide your fingers down and use your thumb to separate the front and back of the cover.

How do I open lifeproof case of my iPhone 10?

Grab your phone in an upside-down position. Locate the slot next to the charging port and insert a coin inside. After that use your finger and apply pressure to separate the front and back cover. Paya attention to the clicking sound to get the indication that the covers have separated.

How do I get the air out of my lifeproof phone case?

To open lifeproof case, hold the phone in such a way that your fingers are on one side of the phone and your thumb is supporting the other side. Squeeze your hand a little until the plastic shield warps. Keep the pressure on for a few seconds and the release it at once.

The plastic shield will straighten out pushing all of the air bubbles outside.

How can I open lifeproof case of my iPhone 11 pro max?

The process requires extreme care and precision. First put your phone on a soft flat surface. Locate a tiny slot near the charging point. Insert a coin in the gap and push it a little until you hear a clicking sound. After that move your thumb around the side of the cover and keep pushing the front and back of the cover apart.

Is Lifeproof better than Otterbox?

Lifeproof cases cost you a little more than an average otterbox, but they are made from lighter and stronger alloy material. Otterbox covers are often heavier, and they are not waterproof either.

Is Lifeproof Next a good phone case?

This iPhone case is a bit heavier and that means more protection. The design of the case fits the phone very well. Unlike generic cases, which tend to put extra pressure on your phone, you can easily open lifeproof case or remove it. This case gives your phone both a great look and maximum protection from water, dust, and random falls.

Is Lifeprood owned by OtterBox?

Yes, the independent iPhone and iPad waterproof cover maker have announced recently that they have been bought by Otter box for an undisclosed price.

Is the LifeProof NUUD or FRE better?

Between these two, FRE is undoubtedly better since it is lightweight, and it includes a screen protector. NUUD though is a little cheap, it does not provide maximum protection.

Does LifeProof Next mobile case need a screen protector?

Yes, without a screen protector, you just cannot make your phone competently waterproof. Lifeproof FRE offers a screen protector which is why most users prefer it over others. It gives them more peace of mind than a cover without a screen protector.

What is the difference between Lifeproof Next and Slam?

The life proof slam can bear a drop of about 6.6ft or about 2 meters. The Next case has a higher drop rate, but it costs you more. The build material of Slam is a little less strong than Lifeproof Next, but it is still good enough if you use it cautiously around water and dust.

Will a separate glass protector work with LifeProof?

A separate glass protector is not a very good idea. Even the slightest drop can cause the cover the fall off. If it breaks, it can also damage your screen. That is why we think it is a better idea to avoid taking such a risk.

Can you remove the screen protector from the lifeproof case?

Yes, you can easily open lifeproof case and separate the glass protector. You can replace it with the newer one without having to buy the whole case.

Are tempered glass screen protectors worth it?

Yes, these protectors are totally worth your every penny. They give more protection and clarity to your screen than plastic protectors. It is easier to clean glass protectors and they also have a higher drop rate.

Which is better temper or gorilla glass protectors?

Tempered glasses are highly scratch-proof and can resist heavy falls. Gorilla protectors also provide high protection from scratches, dust, and water but they are also lighter than traditional glass protectors.

Do you really need to buy a phone screen protector?

A screen protector can save you from damage by accidental falls. They come in very cheap, and they can effectively protect your expensive handled devices. Investing in a high-quality screen protector is a good thing since it can save you from huge financial loss.