How to Make Yourself Faint

How To Make Yourself Pass Out – A Quick Guide

Fainting or unconsciousness can happen for several reasons. It is a state where you become unaware of your surroundings for a couple of minutes and sometimes longer. It is caused by hyperventilation, dehydration, severe pain, weakness, and an insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain or nervous system. If you are here to learn about how to make yourself pass out, know that, fainting is a sort of responsive mechanism of your body to your surroundings. Hence, are ways that can help you induce the above states to help you faint on demand.

Remember, that passing out without keeping in mind its repercussions can be dangerous. And You should do it only in dire conditions.

How to Make Yourself Faint in Just 5 Minutes or Less?

Let’s say you are at a tough spot emotionally or physically and there is no way out for you. You might be feeling severe pain due to some injury or you might be having an encounter with your boss. In these types of situations where you just cannot leave, you can use tricks and learn about how to make yourself pass out for a little while.

No doubt, there are medications that can help you faint quickly, but these often have side effects. This is why you should learn to pass out yourself without any external help.

A key thing to remember while passing out is to always do it at a place with minimum furniture and sharp corners. You can either sit on or stand near a padded surface like a sofa or bed, etc.

Following are the ways to make yourself pass out in less than five minutes.

  • Holding your breath is the easiest and most effective fainting technique. Breathing is what supplies oxygen to our brains and when you stop, that supply cuts off and your brain starts to shut down.
  • The second method involves hyperventilating on purpose. Take fast and heavy breaths while sitting on some sofa for one and a half minutes, and then stand up suddenly and hold your breath. You will experience a little blackness which is a cue that you are about to faint.

Again, make sure to use these methods in extreme circumstances and not just for fun because it can lead to serious health risks if done frequently.

Alternative Method

If holding your breath or hyperventilation seems like so much work to you, there is another thing that you can try. You can put a plastic bag over your head in a way that no air enters or leaves from any side. It works in the following way.

  • Putting a plastic bag over your head and closing it using some rope will prevent the oxygen from entering your brain. As a result, the bag will be empty and CO2 will be filled instead of oxygen in the bag. Your brain will take that as a warning sign and you will faint as a result.
  • Sudden jerky motion from sitting or sleeping to standing position can also cause you to faint. Your quick motion gives no time for oxygen to reach your brain and the blood flow disrupts. This is also an effective way to make yourself pass out.

Trying the above-mentioned methods can result in a feeling of dizziness which indicates that you are on a verge of passing out. The second method can also give you a strong feeling of a head rush.

How to Intentionally Make Yourself Faint?

learning how to make yourself pass out requires you to be extremely meticulous to avoid any major risks. 

Making yourself faint on purpose requires careful research and to avoid side effects you must use this technique when you have no other option but to pass out to escape something really awful.

Following are some of the most effective ways to pass out intentionally.

  • The first method involves lying down with a straw in your mouth. After that, you need to take fast and deep breaths. Once you do this for a minute or two you start feeling light-headedness, and the fainting begins.
  • The second method requires you to hyperventilate. You need to bend your knees and sit down on your toes. Once you have done this in some safe space, start hyperventilating by taking rapid deep breaths. This will disrupt the oxygen supply to your brain and will cause you to faint.

How to Make Someone Pass Out as Quickly as Possible?

You might find yourself in situations where you need someone else to pass out so that you can help them get through intense physical pain. Knowing how to make yourself pass out can make you able to help other people until the medical experts arrive at the scene.

Following are some of the most effective ways to make someone pass out.

  • Advise them to sit down and start hyperventilating to block oxygen supply to their brain. You can demonstrate to them how to breathe rapidly and show them the right way to pass out.
  • After hyperventilating you need to make them suddenly stand up. This will cause all their blood to flow downwards to their legs and their brain will detect insufficient blood flow and oxygen supply and will start to shut down.
  • Before you go ahead and use these methods, you need to test these to detect any side effects and flaws in your technique.  By doing this under the supervision of some medical expert for some time, you can get a better hand on how to make yourself pass out fast.

Is it Possible to Intentionally Pass out and What are the Most Effective Ways?

When learning about how to make yourself pass out, most people seem to think it is a hoax and the methods don’t actually work. To, these people we say that they do and you can confirm this by asking any professional or trying these methods themselves under the watch of some medical expert.

The following section tells us about how to make yourself faint intentionally. 

  • Hold your breath for a long time. This will stop the oxygen from getting into your brain and you will have a feeling of darkness and dizziness. This is an indicator of passing out.
  • Putting a plastic bag can also help you achieve the above state. You can use this method if holding your breath seems extra hard or painful to you.

Important Tips

  • Always use these methods at some secure place.
  • Practice how to make yourself pass out fast under the supervision of medical experts.
  • Do not overdo these to avoid any serious health risks.
  • Find other ways to decrease oxygen supply to your brain to help yourself faint quickly.

Can intentionally passing out lead to death?

There is a possibility of that happening especially when you starve your mind of oxygen on a regular basis. You must know what your limits are to avoid serious brain damage.

Can fear induce passing out?

Fear is a strig trigger that can take you into a state of hyperventilation. It can be caused by witnessing something disturbing or getting into life-threatening situations.

What is the process of passing out?

It happens when your brain doesn’t receive the required oxygen and blood supply. You start hyperventilating to gain more oxygen but rapid breaths do not allow that to happen. The connection between your vital and non-vital parts drops down and you experience darkness.

Are fainting and passing out different?

No, they are both words for the same feeling of lost consciousness and darkness that results from an insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.

Should I See the Local ER after fainting?

If there was no apparent cause for fainting, you need to consult professionals to find out. If after regaining consciousness, you feel like you’ve hit something and your body aches, you need to call emergency health services or a friend to take you to ER.

How long the fainting usually lasts?

Once you block the oxygen supply to the brain, it makes you pass out. But after a few seconds, the supply establishes again and you start to gain consciousness. So, a fainting episode can last just a few seconds but full recovery can take several minutes after you gain consciousness.

Can you pass out from a hot bath?

Yes, coming in and out of a hot bath suddenly can cause you to faint since it disrupts the oxygen supply to your brain and can cause extreme dizziness.

Can you hear when you faint?

Fainting involves a temporary loss of consciousness and that is why it is highly unlikely that one can hear anything when fainted. This sensation lasts for a few seconds and during that time you are completely unaware of your surroundings.

What are the main reasons for fainting spells?

The blocked oxygen supply and lower blood flow can cause you to faint. Facing some disturbing situations and hyperventilating can also lead to fainting spells. These are indicated by nausea, sweating, light-headedness, paleness, and darkness that comes before your eyes.

How to prevent yourself from passing out?

  • lie down and lift your legs up
  • Hydrate yourself 
  • Take slower deep breaths 
  • Eat something healthy