How to Make Gold Paint

How to Make Gold Paint Yourself – Tips for Beginners

Do you need that right shade of gold but you cannot seem to find it anywhere? Well, what if we told you that you can prepare one for yourself using the colors that you already have. Following is our quick guide on how to make gold paint.

To get different shades of gold, you just mix yellow and brown colors in different proportions. You can keep messing with these two colors unless you find the one that will look best on your painting project.

Remember that you can make golden paint from more than these two-color combinations as well. It depends upon for what purpose you need the color.

How Can You Make Metallic Gold Paint?

If you don’t know what colors make gold metallic paint, read the following section carefully.

Metallic gold paint gives your painting a very classy and bright finish. It comes in different variations. This yellowish gold paint, along with sparkles can make anything look brighter and more attractive. 

Here is how to make paint (metallic).

  • For this color, you first need to prepare yellow and brown from further different colors.
  • For yellow, you can mix black and white to make a grey color and then mix it with the light-yellow color to get the desired shade.
  • You can prepare brown by mixing red with blue.
  • Now mix the yellow, brown, and add a little white color to get the desired metallic gold paint.

How To Make Golden Color Using Watercolors?

One of the main things that set the gold color apart from the rest is its shiny appearance. However, watercolors do not shine no matter what color combination you try. However, you can make it prominent by using it with contrasting colors.

To prepare the gold-like color you can mix an equal amount of yellow and brown. It usually gives a sandy hue whose shade can change depending upon the ratio of yellow and brown.

  • To get light gold, you can combine yellow and brown. You can also mix yellow with red and blue colors to get brown golden shade.
  • If you are looking for a deep golden shade, you can try mixing black, red, and yellow in different proportions.

How to make gold paint Pop?

There are two main ways you can make the gold paint pop out. The first is by using it with contrast colors while painting your jewelry or furniture. And second is by adding sparkles to it.

The second method is a bit easier and gives you more flexibility. You can also try metallic gold color if your goal is to get maximum shine in your object or painting.

How to Prepare Golden Color Using Crayons?

Crayons come in various packs and each pack has a specific number of colors in it. The packs mainly contain 6, 12, 24, or 48 color crayons depending upon their price and sizes.

The bigger packs already contain a few shades of golden. However, if they don’t, or if you have a smaller pack, you can use the following method to get the desired shade.

  • Use yellow and brown in different proportions to get the desired color.
  • Make sure to apply these colors lightly so that they mix well with each other and do not appear inconsistent.

How to Make Gold Paint with Prime Colors?

As we all know that we can make every color using three prime colors and gold is no exception. These three colors include red, blue, and yellow.

Here is how to make paint using prime colors.

  • For gold, you need two colors i.e., yellow and brown.
  • You already have the yellow in prime colors.
  • You can prepare brown by mixing red and blue colors.
  • Finally, by adding brown with yellow, you have your gold paint color.

How to Prepare Gold Icing?

You can prepare gold icing by adding a little red color and some sparkles. You can also add a little white to get the shade that suits your bakery item the best. To get the best shade you have to

  • First, dip a toothpick about 1-inch in yellow color and then just the tip of it in red.
  • To get a more vintage look, you can also try adding a little green into the mix.

How to Make Golden Paint Look Consistent?

A golden color can be easily prepared by mixing different proportions of primary colors i.e., blue, red, and yellow. You can increase or decrease the proportion of these colors to get the desired shade.

To get a gold color, first, you need to mix red and blue to get brown and then add this brown color into the yellow. For metallic shade, you can also a little grey to the yellow before mixing it with brown.

How to Make Acrylic Gold Paint?

Acrylic paint contains a small quantity of oil base which gives out more shine. You can make the gold paint by adding blue, red, yellow, and a little white into the mixture.

How to Make Gold Leaf Paint from Primary Colors?

It can be prepared by adding yellow with a little grey and then mixing it with brown. More white color can make the tint lighter and the red color can make it darker depending on your need.


  • Use the colors in proportions that are recommended and are being used by different color brands.
  • Acrylic colors can be used on canvas, metal, and wood and they give a glossier appearance.
  •  While combining colors make sure to keep mixing until only one color remains.

What colors can be used to make the gold paint?

You just need primary colors to make gold paint. Mix red and blue to get brown and then add it to yellow and you have the gold paint.

How can you make gold paint yourself at home?

To get deep gold, add a little black to blue and red and then mix it with yellow. To get a light shade add a little white or blue to the mixture. You can dd orange or magenta if you desire a darker tint.

What gold paint is the best?

Following are some of the best gold spray paints.

  • Krylon Metallic Gold Paint
  • Design Master Rose Gold Paint
  • Plastikote Premium Metallic gold paint
  • Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Can you use gold spray paint on furniture?

Yes, gold spray paint tends to give your furniture a shiny look. It also protects your furniture from weather conditions. This paint comes in various shades and it can make even your old objects look as good as new.