Light a Cigarette

How to Light a Cigarette Without a Lighter

Cigarettes are like breathing for some people. They just cannot help but take a puff or two whenever they get a chance. They may use it to relieve some mental stress or just to have their necessary dose of Nicotine so that they can stay active and function properly. If you are a smoker and you have a habit of misplacing your lighter often, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss how you can light a cigarette without a lighter.

How to Light a Cigarette with a Regular Battery?

Batteries are sources of power that come in various sizes. They are used in wristwatches, clocks, TV remotes, and even in cars, etc.  

This naturally makes batteries a good source of ignition for lighting a cigarette. So, whenever you misplace your old lighter or it gets empty and you forget to buy a new one, you just have to look for the batteries to ignite your cigarette.

Here is how to light a cigarette without a lighter using a battery

  • First, you have to remove a small 12V battery from some appliance such as a remote or a wall clock. Then you need to take a metal wire (preferably Copper) and place its end on two sides of the batter.
  • This establishes a circuit and the current starts flowing through the wire. The flow of electrons or current produces heat in the wire.
  • Once the wire becomes very hot, that is your cue to put the front of your cigarette on it. Putting it there for a few seconds should light your cigarette.
  • Another way you can do this is by connecting two different wires to the opposite sides of the batter. Now when you connect these wires, it produces a spark. You can use this spark to ignite your cigarette.

How to light a cigarette using the flash of your mobile device?

If batteries sound too risky to you and you want some easier method to light your cigarettes, we can help you with that as well. Moreover, another great way to light your cigarettes without a lighter is by using the flashlight of your phone.

First, turn on the flashlight and then open its safety latch. There will be a heating element just under it. 

Due to intense light, this material excites and gets hot. You can touch your cigarette with it and use its heat to light up your cigarette. This method works every time and most people go for it due to its convenience.

How to light a cigarette with your car engine?

Let’s say you are on a long road trip, and you have exhausted all the oil from your lighter. Now you are in the middle of nowhere and there are no shops nearby either. In this situation what do you do when you feel an intense craving for a cigarette?

Well, there is something you can do and the secret lies in the battery of your car. You just need two wires that you can connect on two opposite poles of the battery. 

Once you do that, now you can bring these two wires together to produce sparks. These sparks will help you light a cigarette in a matter of seconds.

You can do this with the jumper cables of your battery as well. You can connect the two ends of these cables to some external metal surface like a strip or a clip. 

That surface will start to get hot due to the conduction of current. After that, you can put small dry leaves over the metal and they will start burning. Once the fire starts, immediately take out the jumper cable. You can use this fire to light your cigarette without a lighter in the middle of nowhere.

How to ignite a cigarette with a hairdryer?

A hairdryer has a built-in mechanism that expels hot air outsides so that you can have dry hair faster. You can use a hair drier for other things like drying your sheets or clothes as well. You can also use this device for lighting a cigarette in the absence of a matchbox or a lighter.

Every hair dryer has a metal coil in its rear which heats up due to current and causes the air around it to become hotter. You can use this coil to light up your cigarette.

First, you will have to close the inlet with some tape so that no air is sucked inside the drier. 

This will make the coil red hot in just a few seconds. After that, you can easily touch your cigarette with this coil to light it up. This method requires precision and that this why we urge you to use it only in the case you have no other options available.


  • Use the above methods cautiously to light s cigarette. Make sure to protect your eyes and hands while lighting cigarettes with these methods.
  • Keep a small battery and little pieces of conducting wires at some accessible place all the time.
  • Cover the air inlet of the drier for faster heating of the coil.

How do you ignite a cigarette using your cell phone?

You can easily light a cigarette with your phone’s flashlight. You just have to turn it on and open the safety latch. The metal underneath it gets hot by the intense light and you can use this heat to light up your cigarette.

How to light a lighter for your cigarette?

First, hold the cigarette near your face with your fingers holding its back. Now bring the lighter near your face and push its top button downwards or turn the spark wheel to produce a flame. 

Further, you need to keep holding the lighter with your thumb on the spark wheel. Wait for the cigarette to ignite and the smoke to appear and after that lift the pressure.

Can I ignite a cigarette with a hairdryer?

Yes, you can easily light a cigarette using a dryer. Every dryer comes with a metal coil that heats up and makes the air inside the dryer hotter. The dryer sucks air from the back and expels it from the front after heating it.

You can block the air suction point and that will make the coil heat up fast. You can put your cigarette on this coil to light it.

How to light a match without the box?

If you don’t know how to use lighter properly, you can go for a matchbox and use a matchstick to ignite your cigarette. 

In case your matchbox has worn out and it doesn’t start a fire on the matchstick, you can use the following method. 

The matchstick needs friction to ignite. So, to do that, you can try rubbing it on the surfaces with maximum friction. It can be the floor or a rough metal surface.

What was the number 1 selling cigarette in the past year?

Marlboro was the best-selling cigarette in all of the US in the past year. It outsells its competitors in almost every big market of the world even today.

What are some of the best quality cigarettes?

Following are some of the best cigarette brands

  • Marlboro
  • Vogue
  • Camel
  • Dunhill
  • Kent

What are some of the mildest cigarettes?

Here are some of the mildest cigarettes that you can smoke

  • Camel 1
  • Marlboro filter plus one
  • Virginia Slim Super Slims
  • West White
  • Davidoff one

Is smoking one cigarette a day bad for you?

Yes, smoking even once a day increases your risks of heart attack and strokes.

Is it Ok to quit smoking suddenly?

Research has shown that people who stop smoking suddenly have a higher chance of getting rid of this habit than those who try to slowly cut down the number of cigarettes. So, yes, it is okay to suddenly stop smoking instead of cutting down on cigarettes each day.

What does it mean by a light cigarette?

A cigarette with less tobacco tar is known as a light cigarette. Remember that just because a cigarette is light, it does not reduce your chances of heart disease or cancer.

Which cigarette is not harmful to your health?

You can use herbal smokes such as Mea Ame’s Organic cigarettes. These cigarettes come in a rustic wooden box and they contain zero Nicotine and other tobacco components.

What can I smoke instead of cigarettes?

You can smoke non-addictive and safe herbal cigarettes as an alternative to regular ones. 

These cigarettes don’t contain Nicotine which is the main reason you get addicted to cigarettes. Moreover, you can use herbal cigarettes as an aid when breaking your habit of smoking.

Which cigarette is the most expensive?

The smoke of the Indian brand Gold Flake is one of the most expensive cigarettes. These cigarettes contain yellow tobacco mixed with honey drops. This gives them a very unique flavor.

Which country smokes the most cigarettes?

Kiribati has the highest rate of smoking in all of the world. Currently, about 52.40% of the people smoke in the nation and more than 200 die every year from tobacco-related diseases.