How to hang a flag on a wall

How to Hang a Flag on a Wall – A Complete Guide

A flag is a piece of fabric that has a specific design and colors and comes mostly in a rectangular shape. It can be used to represent some specific aim, organization, and country. Country flags have been around for as long as humans have existed as organized nations. They represent your unique identity and nationalism. This is why everyone needs to learn how to hang a flag on a wall or outside their house.

You can display flags in different places such as inside your house walls, on the roofs, in front of your car, or in your suit’s pocket in the form of a pin.

One of the most popular ways of displaying your nation’s flag is by hanging it inside your house at a place that you use most frequently. Hanging a flag inside serves two purposes.

First, it makes your room look more colorful, and second, it shows you much you love your nation and its flag.

How to Hang a Flag on a Wall (Traditional Method)

The traditional method used to hang your nation’s flag has some specific rules. These rules help keep the flag’s respect intact and encourage you to not treat it poorly while hanging the flag.

First, you must identify the starting point on the left side of the flag, which in the American flag’s case is the side with the stars. No matter you want to hang your flag vertically or horizontally, remember that it must always start with these stars or otherwise known as the “Union”.

If you want to display the nation’s flag along with some others then make sure to pick a bigger flag, and put it, either between or above the other flags.

Hanging a Flag on the Wall (Modern Method)

Before we dive into how to hang a flag vertically or the other way, you must consider the following things.

Hang the flag at a place and height that does not make it dirty or soiled by frequent touch. The room must have some moisture prevention system so that the flag’s integrity remains intact.

Once you have chosen the right spot, you will have to yacht pennants, and string semaphores on some sort of hemp. There is another effective way you can poke the string through the sleeve and that is by using a monofilament.

You can use the sleeve of the flag to hang it by passing a rope or a dowel-like road from it. Another way that doesn’t include using ropes or dowels is by using pushpins, nails, or hooks, on the top and bottom of the flag on the wall.

You can measure the size and make a raft using nails on the wall and then hang the flag on it. This method gives you more flexibility and makes adjustments easier.

If you plan on hanging the flag outside the house on some wall, we suggest you go for the eaves since this way they look more prominent, and they also stay protected by sunlight and rain.

For decorating your house for some special event, you can use nautical pennants. They come very cheap and are extremely easy to hang on any place inside your house.

Best Way to Hang Souvenir Flags on a Wall?

If you are wondering about how to hang a flag on a wall that is not your national flag then read the following information carefully.

There are a number of ways you can hang travel, sports, and other souvenir flags inside your house on a wall. You can use simple mat board frames, or you can use pushpins on all four corners of the flag and place these on some soft wall or board.

You need to be very careful when hanging a souvenir flag so that you don’t accidentally mess up the angle or the fabric of the flag. Use thumbtacks that have wider heads so that the flag stays in its place evenly and does not get separated from the wall.

You can place carefully measured marks on the wall before hanging the flag frame or the flag itself. Make sure to be precise when hanging a souvenir flag this way to avoid any mistakes. This will help you eliminate the possibility of you destroying the flag or the wall inside your house.

Final Thoughts

So, to sum it all up, there are a few rules for hanging any flag on a wall. First, you must identify what the right starting point of the flag is. And after that, you can hang the flag either horizontally or vertically on the walls inside your room.

Knowing the right starting point gives you a strong reference that you can follow and hang your flag easily.

Each flag has different designs and patterns. You must consider this before hanging the flag so that you don’t misrepresent something accidentally.

Always remember that whenever using multiple flags at the same spot. You can put your national flag at the center or above the other ones.

These are some of the basic things to consider when hanging your national flag inside your house. Following these simple rules about how to hang a flag on a wall will ensure that your flag looks great inside the house and it is completely secure on the wall.

What is the correct way to hang a flag in a room?

Make sure the flag doesn’t have any bulges or uneven appearance. It should be completely flat on the surface of the wall. You should place the flag on the left side or at the center of state flags to show its importance.

Use strong matt board frames and wide surfaced thumbtacks. This ensures that your flag does not slide down and fall on the ground.

How to hang a flag on a wall using command strips?

These strips can also keep your flag flat on the wall for a long time. Take out these adhesive strips and separate them from each other.  After removing the blue side liner from the strip, press it onto the hook and hang the flag. These strips can save a lot of your time and energy and they ensure a clean finish.

Is it considered bad to hang a flag vertically?

No, it is only bad when you do it the wrong way. Make sure to put the starting point of your flag on the left side and hang it accordingly. If you ignore this, the flag will not look best and the patterns on it will appear wrong.

Can you take the flag down when it is raining?

You can arrange some sort of shade for the flag. But taking it down and putting it on the ground or someplace beneath is considered extremely disrespectful. No matter the condition, your flag must never touch the ground.

You should never even carry your flag horizontally. Instead, you should carry it in an aloft and free-hanging way. This makes sure the fabric of the flag remains uncrumpled and it looks even upon hanging.

Can you sit on a flag?

Intentionally sitting on a flag show that you lack patriotism, and the flag means less to you. Though, there are not certain laws that prevent you from doing it. However, it is your responsibility to take care of this sacred piece of fabric from your heart.

So, learn how to hang a flag on a wall instead of putting this down for sitting.

Why standing on a flag is a bad idea?

According to US law code 700, mutilating the flag knowingly can lead to legal actions in the forms of fine or imprisonment and sometimes both. Similarly, in many other countries, there are laws that protect the honor of the flag and punish those who don’t comply.

Why the American flag had 48 stars on it?

The number of stars represents each state in the country. In 1912 after the addition of New Mexico and Arizona the number of stars on the flag grew to 48.

Can you wear the flag like a cape?

The US code 176(d) states that you should never wear your flag as apparel or dress. But that is only if you use a flag for this purpose. If the clothing item is made from a fabric that just resembles the flag, that is acceptable.

Why Do Hawaiians fly the flag upside down?

They do this as a sign of protest against the United Nations. It is done to represent the solidarity movement of Hawaii. The people of this state do this to show what they think about the illegal occupation of Hawaii by the US in 1893.

Is it immoral to wear an American flag bandana?

It depends on whether the bandana is made from an actual flag or not. An article of clothing that has some features similar to the US flag is not considered disrespectful. It shows your patriotism and love for the nation you belong to.