How to get tinder gold for free

How To Get Tinder Gold For Free

Tinder is among the best dating and matchmaking apps. It has a cool user interface that allows you to find that special person for yourself easily. Tinder app also has a premium version which comes with more features and provides a wider range. In this article, we will show you how to get tinder gold for free.

The main features of tinder plus are super likes, priority likes, rewind, passport, boost, and super boost, etc. These features increase your chances of finding a matching manifold.

If you want to get access to this version of tinder but you don’t have the money to pay the monthly fee, then don’t worry. 

In the next section, we are going to tell you how you can get access to tinder plus for free.

How to Get a Free Trial on Tinder Gold?

Tinder provides a free trial period for its premium version. Here is how to get tinder gold for free.

  • To get free tinder gold, you can try Google Opinion Rewards to get some credit.
  • Google opinion is a survey in which you answer some queries and get paid for your time.
  • This money is saved as google play credit which you can use to make in-app purchases.
  • There is another way for you to get free timer gold on a trial basis and that is by applying for beta testing.

How to Get Tinder Gold for Free on Androids?

Though the free version of tinder works for most people, its premium version is way better and more effective. 

The tinder gold gives you many great features like tinder top picks, unlimited likes, rewinding last swipe, and an advertisement-free experience.   

Here is how to get tinder gold for free on android.

  • The first method involves answering various surveys and getting google credit. You can use this to pay for your tinder app subscription.
  • After that, you have to fill an online form with the correct information. In this form, you will mention your account information and what type of phone and app you are using, etc.
  • This will make you eligible for using tinder gold for weeks and sometimes even for months without paying any actual money from your pocket.

How to get Tinder plus on iOS devices?

Due to the app’s popularity, it has also been developed for iOS devices, and literally, millions of people are using it on a daily basis to hook up with new and exciting people.

Here is how to get tinder gold for free on iOS.

  • First, you need to install the app from the Apple app store. After installation, open the app by tapping on its icon.
  • You can start swiping and once your daily limit is over, the app will ask you to sign up for the premium version.
  • You can enter your card information and get a subscription to this app for any specific period of time.

After that, you can claim a refund once the trial period reaches its limit. This way you can use the app’s premium features without having to pay anything.

Moreover, the app gives you 30 days free trial in most cases of refunding which you can use to find the best match for yourself.

Some Tips for Using Tinder

  • Always enter your real information and avoid mentioning false stuff.
  • Do not harass people because if someone reports it, you will not be able to use the app in the future. And instantly report someone who harasses you.
  • Always be polite while approaching people.
  • Upload less edited photos and keep your profile maintained to attract more suiters.
  • Do not use the app for random promotions and only contact people with whom you have more in common.  

Is there a way to get tinder plus subscription for free?

Here is how to get tinder gold for free.

First, you need to sign up for a google survey and earn google credit. After that, you can use the money you have earned to buy tinder gold or tinder platinum for free.

Is tinder gold worth it?

Tinder gold or tinder plus has many features that free tinder does not provide. Such as rewinding your swaps, super likes, super boosts, passport, and tinder top picks, etc. 

Moreover, the app has a very elegant algorithm that lets you connect with people who match your profile and taste. That is why the app has been used by millions of people on a daily basis to find their best matches.

Is tinder free?

No, though tinder has a free version, its features are limited. And you have to subscribe to the premium version to get advanced features such as tinder swipe surge, swipe rewind, ad-free experience, and unlimited likes, etc.

Is Bumble more effective than tinder?

This app has a more pleasant vibe to it which attracts more users. The app has a very interesting lay out which is why most people prefer it over tinder and other dating platforms. The app makes conversations simpler and fun which increases your probability of landing the best match.

What makes tinder usually more tough for guys?

There are many things that make tinder a bit hard for guys. The main reason is the ratio of men to women in the app which is about 2 to 1. Tinder also has features like tinder screenshots which focus more on the appearance and less on the personality traits in the profile.

Is Bumble mainly a hookup app?

Unlike many popular dating apps, Bumble has a profile that focuses more on your personality and gives you better insights into the nature and interests of your match.

This is why most people on the app are more interested in finding meaningful relationships and not just in hooking up.

What is the best dating app?

If you consider the daily use and popularity, tinder is probably the best dating app out there. It has users in hundreds of millions which increases your chances of getting a match. Tinder also makes conversations more convenient and its carefully designed profile lets people know the important stuff about their match.

Is there a dating app that is totally free?

Yes, there is a dating app called ClickDate which provides features like tinder gold free without any charges. The app doesn’t need you to register yourself or to provide any information about your credit card which makes things simple and secure.

What are some of the best dating sites for 40+ age people?

There are plenty of apps that target older adults such as plenty of fish, Zoosk, eHarmony, Hinge, OKCupid, and Match, etc. These apps come with premium features and they give the best results for matchmaking.

People of which age groups use dating apps the most?

According to a survey usually, people between the ages of 33 to 44 use such apps to find new people to date. Though younger users have also gained a lot of interest in apps like tinder for casual dating and hookups.

Is eDate a Trustworthy app?

Yes, Edate is completely legal and trustworthy. The owner of the app is Matel Social Enterprises which is a legit organization in the app developing world. This app is extremely fun to use and people of all ages find it extremely helpful for finding meaningful romantic relationships.