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How to Get Showtime on Spotify – Spotify Showtime

Spotify is one of the most popular high-quality audio streaming and media services providers which was established in Sweden in 2006. This app hosts songs from thousands of artists and gives you plenty of features like making playlists, checking trading songs, and subscribing to your favorite musicians to get the latest updates, etc. Spotify also allows you to get access to the streaming service showtime and that is what we will be looking at next.

Using Spotify Premium to Get Spotify Showtime

To get access to the Spotify showtime, you have to first meet a certain criterion. There are some eligibility conditions to get showtime with Spotify that you must fulfill to get the access and we have listed below what these are.

  • To get the subscription you must be enrolled in some accredited university in your region. Your age should also be above 18. Spotify gets all this information from your account on this app and if your information checks out you can use the media service showtime.
  • To get the Spotify showtime subscription first you must have a premium Spotify.
  • Visit the Spotify premium plan page and look for the showtime subscription options. After that visit the showtime page and activate the main showtime account.
  • Once you follow the above steps, you can stream showtime content using a showtime app on any device you wish.
  • You cannot stream content of showtime from Spotify and you have to log in to it using some app or the main website to watch content.

Getting Showtime Through Spotify as Well as Hulu

If you are considering upgrading to Spotify premium to get access to and Hulu, here is what you need to know

  • You can access Showtime from both Hulu and Spotify
  • For getting access to showtime on Spotify, you need to fulfill two conditions: First, you must be over 18, and second, you must be enrolled in some officially recognized university.
  • If you fulfill the above conditions and you have a Spotify premium, you can then easily get access to showtime using Spotify.
  • Visit the Spotify premium account page and look for the Spotify showtime subscription option. Once you find it, fill in the required information.
  • After that visit the showtime website’s main page and make your account to start viewing the content.
  • Also, you can’t access showtime’s media content through Spotify and you can only watch it through the official showtime app on any device.
  • For getting showtime with Hulu, you can visit the Spotify premium account and add Hulu to it first.
  • When you are on the page, click on the option Hulu.
  • For newer users, Spotify offers a bundle that premium users can sign up to which gives them free Spotify and Hulu for a whole month.

Using Spotify Student Package to Get Showtime

Follow the steps below to get access to unlimited music, shows, and other entertainment content using showtime in Spotify students.

  • Install Spotify or visit the official website and fill out your personal information.
  • On this page, you will have to verify your age and the university you are enrolled in.
  • Once Spotify finds you eligible, then you can proceed to the Spotify premium plan and get access to Hulu and Showtime.
  • If you are already using Spotify premium but do not have access to Spotify showtime, you can upgrade your plan to enjoy showtime.
  • Make sure to enter the right information while making your account because if you add fake info. Spotify can ban you from using the app. 

Is Showtime no longer on Spotify?

No, you can access Spotify showtime using Spotify premium for students.

This subscription lasts for 12 months and then your account is reverified and if by then you are no longer a student, you are given the subscription to regular premium Spotify that costs about 9.99$ a month.

How do I activate showtime and Hulu on Spotify Premium?

  1. First, log-in to your Spotify student account and go to the menu.
  2. Go to the option “account overview” and select Hulu and showtime.
  3. Visit the Hulu and showtime Spotify account page and fill out the required information to get started.

What are the steps to get Spotify premium for free forever?

You can do this easily by following the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Uninstall your previous Spotify app.
  2. Install Modded or Hacked Spotify.
  3. Install the newest Spotify Premium android (APK) file.
  4. Finally, log in with your account information and enjoy free Spotify.

What makes Spotify premium so great?

Spotify premium hosts extremely high-quality audio songs from the old classics to the latest ones. Many artists upload their songs on the premium Spotify version first. And if you are a music fan, you need this subscription to get quick access.

What is the number of free skips on Spotify?

Free skips are for users who don’t have a Spotify premium account. The free users can use up to 6 skips in an hour and after that, the songs will get shuffled.

What makes Spotify free so bad?

There are plenty of reasons that make free Spotify a bad idea. The first one is the frequency of ads, then there is the skip limit. The audio quality in the free version is also low (about 96 to 160kbps).

What Spotify Plan is the best for me?

If you are a student, you can go for an affordable premium student plan. If you have a family of more than three people or you have a roommate, you can get a Spotify family plan and split the fee to get access to unlimited music.

Does Spotify Offer Free Trial?

Yes, if you want to see what the services of this audio streaming app are like, you can use the free 30-day trial after adding your card information to the account.

Make sure to cancel your account if you don’t like the service. Or else, you might automatically turn into a Spotify paying customer and lose your money.

How can I rip Spotify music?

It is not possible to directly rip Spotify music. However, you can use an indirect method instead.

You just need to convert your Spotify playlist to the YouTube playlists and then use YouTube to download the songs. This method is the most effective one for ripping high-quality Spotify music.

Is it worth it to pay 10$ a month for Spotify?

Spotify premium hosts extremely high-quality audio music without any ads. There is very little buffering. The number of songs is literally in thousand. And not to mention the access to showtime and Hulu that you get to enjoy with it.

All these things make Spotify worth every penny and that is why music fans adore this app very much.