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How Anyone Can Improve Game Performance on Your Android Phone

Mobile gaming has been around since the first cellphone game was released in 1994; that was Tetris. We have certainly come a long way since. There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of mobile games available today, most of which require your phone to run optimally for you to enjoy all its rewards. Consider this; you play poker online and want a smooth, buffer-free gaming experience. Therefore, your Android phone needs to run optimally. There is nothing worse than playing and doing anything on your smart device, only for it to stop working halfway through. Let us look at what you can do to improve game performance on your Android phone.  

Screen refresh rate

Firstly, this is something we did not know about, but it works. Secondly, you need to increase the screen refresh rate in-game and on your phone’s settings. Thirdly, remember that this works differently per phone and per game. But if you want to access it, go to settings, display, advanced, then tap on the refresh rate. How does it work, and why does it matter? Well, you want your screen to perform as it should since this will give you much better visuals. It improves the visuals of the games you are playing, making them much smoother. Change your mobile’s screen refresh to its highest setting and watch the mobile games once again look insane.  

Faster internet

First things first, choose Wi-Fi over mobile data. A Wi-Fi internet connection is way more stable and secure and offers uninterrupted internet. This, of course, depends on your service provider and router. An unstable internet connection can severely impact your gaming experience and you simply do not want this because online games need to send and receive a massive amount of data. And there is even more to consider. Some games have local servers, so opt to play games with local servers – remember this is local to your region.  

Delete unnecessary apps, pictures, and videos

The easiest and the most self-explanatory item on this list; you find yourself downloading a last-minute app you need at the moment but later, you forget to delete it. These apps can take up a lot of space on your mobile device. And this can severely affect your phone’s performance, especially playing games. Always do a sweep of your phone and delete anything unnecessary you no longer need. A tip with photos and videos is to delete anything you have already posted to social media since it will stay on the app unless you delete it.  


Better your sound

Many people might not see this as an essential aspect of your gaming experience, but it is. Your sound has a major impact on your overall gaming experience, so it needs to be on point. Audio cues are vital for gameplay so you cannot struggle to hear them –  it should always be as clear as possible. One way to do this is to enable Dolby Atmos sound. This enhances your in-game sounds quite a bit and puts it on next-level quality, especially for multiplayer mobile games. You need to note that not all Android devices might have this feature, but if you do, turn it on now. In most Samsung Galaxy phones, you can enable it by going to settings, sounds and vibration, sound quality and effects, then selecting Dolby Atmos sound. 


Background apps

Many people are unaware of how running our apps in the background of our devices reduces the performance of the phone. Before you play any game, just clear all apps you were using. If your phone allows it, you can set it so that no apps run in the background. By doing this, your phone will allocate enough resources to the game you are playing, ensuring it runs optimally. If you want to limit the number of apps in the background, go to settings, and developer options, and go to background process limit.  

Clear your cache

Since most of us have cleared our caches on our computers one time or the other, it makes sense that we would do it on our cellphones too. This also saves you a lot of storage space. We fail to realize that our mobile devices use and transfer a lot of data all the time, so it is a wonderful thing to clear your cache now and again.