4 Most Flattering Sunglasses Styles For Round Faces

The age-old question regarding what sunglasses best suit your face shape has left many of us confused for a long time. If you have been putting off your sunglasses purchase for some time because you can’t make up your mind, fear not, as this is the guide for you.

The first step to deciding what sunglasses would suit your face is to determine your face shape. The general rule states that the shape of your sunglasses should be in contrast to your face shape. Hence, for angular faces, curved sunglasses would be suitable, and for round face shapes, angular frames are the best.

 A round-shaped face is characterized by soft, feminine, and often contoured features. The width and the height of a round-shaped face are essentially equivalent. You could essentially draw a circle, almost to the dot, on your face if you have a round-shaped face. Given below are four sunglasses styles that suit a round-shaped face the most:

  1. Cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses that sweep upwards are by far the most flattering sunglasses shape for all faces, but especially more so for round faces. Cat eye sunglasses essentially make the face appear wider and “snatched” without any makeup. They have the same effect on your face as an angled contour+bronzer combination does. This classic silhouette compliments round features like no other shape, and you can find plenty of options in cat eye sunglasses when it comes to color, tint, and texture. If you wear spectacles, these make for an excellent shape for powered spectacles as well.

  1. Square sunglasses

To add contrast to your face shape, and to add some dimension, square sunglasses are the best match. Square frames that are bigger than the face’s width tend to balance a round face’s width and hence make it appear thinner and longer. Wayfarers, popularized by Rayban, are a great option for round face shapes looking for square sunglasses, and you can find more options on sunglasses retailer Vision Direct. Good for you, square sunglasses are currently trending and are being donned by everyone from TikTok fame to Hollywood celebrities.

  1. Aviators

This evergreen style is best suited for many face shapes such as oblong and square faces, but still has many skeptics when it comes to round faces. However, many round-shaped face celebrities have inspired us to try this style of sunglasses, especially Olivia Palermo. You may opt for the classic green tinted aviators or all-black aviators or if you are feeling feisty, you may opt for transparent ones to make a statement.  If you are unsure about this style, however, it is recommended that instead of investing in a designer pair from RayBan, get one from your local supermarket and wear it around for a week before truly deciding between them.

  1. Browline sunglasses

Browline sunglasses do not do much when it comes to adding angles to a round-shaped face, but this silhouette is great when it comes to adding length. Browline sunglasses help add length to your face by creating the illusion of a longer face and hence creating a slimming effect. A good idea would be to get browline sunglasses with a defined top and rimless bottom. Popularized by celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, browline sunglasses make for an excellent style statement if not for everyday wear glasses.


Round face shapes have beautiful feminine features, and styling them is no difficult mission at all. The key to remember here is that anything you put on a round-shaped face should complement it rather than take away from it. The above-mentioned sunglasses style are the best possible styles for round-shaped faces.