Digital Offers

Digital Offers that Students Should Snap Up

Besides the emotional and academic challenges, the school presents financial constraints that often cause headaches for students. Fortunately, many businesses are aware of the student’s predicament and thus offer various discounts in a bid to gain a lifetime client.

Besides flyers and vouchers, there are many digital offers that students could snap up and save some cash without forfeiting various needs. Discounts were the reason why I managed to get various services and also why Ibuyessay without surpassing my budget. 

Some of the notable offers for students to consider are:

Food offers

Your food budget often makes up the bulk of your budget. Food offers are thus a great means to afford all your savory treats without surpassing your budget. 

Multiple digital platforms offer vouchers and loyalty points that you can redeem for various dishes. Even better, sites such as save the student highlight food deals, helping you get your snacks and treats for student-friendly prices. 

You may also consider dealing at Tesco and Morrison. Morrison for instance offers a wide variety of dishes that only set you back $3. Also, be keen to track various supermarket cashback offers and takeaways from Deliveroo and UberEATS as these may come with free sides. 


After food, entertainment takes up most of your finances. Fortunately, you don’t need to forego your entertainment to manage the huge costs associated with entertainment. Multiple entertainment platforms offer student premiums to afford their student client base, and their services without the financial constraints that often come with regular premiums.

For instance, the Spotify premium student plan comes at $5 a month with access to millions of songs, Hulu’s ad-supported tier, and showtime’s ad-free service. This is a major bargain compared to the regular premium option which could set you back up to $27 monthly. 

Likewise, Pandora charges a $5 student premium for an ad-free experience, unlimited skips, and unlimited offline plans. Discovery + on the other hand, offers a 40% discount for students, allowing you access to your favorite programs for $3 months. 

You could also consider using the introductory offers from various gaming platforms. Some platforms may offer a certain percentage bonus or offer free spins and free bets. You could take advantage of these bonuses and make some cash without risking a chunk of your already-limited finances.

Finally, consider Peleton for all matters of fitness. This app offers access to exercises ranging from yoga to strength training for half the price of standard premiums. 


Another great way to save some cash is by enjoying various shopping discounts. Like supermarkets, various stores may offer loyalty points that can be redeemed for products. Also, various stores offer student premiums on their goods, allowing you to save money on your purchases.

For instance, Microsoft and Apple offer student discounts on various suites and gadgets, allowing you to stock up on necessary items without breaking the bank. Amazon Prime student, for instance, offers a free student subscription for the first six months followed by a $7.49 monthly fee. 

This is a steal considering that you get to enjoy all the standard prime perks without incurring the high cost of a standard premium. For instance, Amazon Prime student offers free same-day delivery in some areas and access to the prime video library. 

Similarly, Best Buy offers site-wide sales that are cheaper for members. This keeps you updated with various goods you need, helping you snatch up affordable offers that are suitable for your budget. 


There is a myriad of tools that you could make use of to hasten your studies and make an extra buck as you study. Although many premium tools cost a colossal sum, student bonuses make these tools affordable for students, offering you convenience in your study. 

For instance, Adobe products come at a standard monthly charge of $53. With a student plan, you may only spend $20 monthly for the first year, followed by monthly charges of $30 for subsequent years. 

This allows you to enjoy a vast range of editing and writing tools without running your bank dry. Another essential feature with discounts you ought to consider is Evernote. This tool redefines your note-taking experience by taking class notes and planning your to-do lists. 

An Evernote student premium only sets you back $4 monthly with capabilities such as syncing with multiple devices and annotating pdf’s. Also, the GitHub developer package offers discounts on various resources that expand your skills. 

Grammarly is another tool with interesting discounts of up to 50% of your monthly charges. This helps you to fix your assignments of various errors, saving you time and finances along the way. Also, Quizlet comes at a discounted price, giving you flashcards and practice tests for your revision. 

Final Take

The key hack to managing your finances is making use of various digital offers at your disposal. This article should help you determine the offers to consider, helping you maximize your budget.