6 Qualities to Look for in a Good Divorce Attorney

If you live in the Sugar Land area and are seeking a divorce, you’re probably experiencing a variety of emotions right now. Divorce is a process that will certainly be life-altering, and you need to have a strong attorney by your side as you navigate it. We have gathered our top recommendations for qualities to look for in a divorce attorney, ones that will help you feel that you have the best divorce attorney in Sugar Land.

6 Qualities to Look for in a Good Divorce Attorney

1. Relevant Experience                                 

When it comes to divorce proceedings, not all attorneys have the same level of skill and experience. Your ideal lawyer will have direct practice in handling cases and situations like yours, and also has expert-level knowledge of divorce laws in your area.

Look for a divorce attorney who has extensive experience working with clients like you. If you have a large number of assets to divide, look for a lawyer who is experienced in working with clients who have large net worths. If you anticipate a lengthy custody battle, look for a lawyer who has spent a considerable amount of time handling these types of disputes.

All-in-all, you want to find an attorney whose experience aligns with your specific needs as a client.

2. Effective Communication

One of the most critical skills your attorney will need to have is the ability to communicate effectively with you as a client and with anyone you encounter throughout the divorce process. If your attorney does not listen to you fully as their client, or they do not communicate with you honestly about reasonable expectations for the outcome of your case, then they are not the best lawyer for your divorce.

Additionally, your attorney needs to be able to communicate with the opposing parties and with any court officials you may work with. A good lawyer may even be able to help you reach an agreement without even having to go through the extensive court process, simply by negotiating effectively on your behalf during mediation opportunities.

In the event you do end up going to court, your lawyer will also need the communication skills to be able to argue successfully on your behalf.

3. Promptness

You need a divorce attorney who can strike when the iron is hot, making promptness an essential quality for your attorney to have. Promptness in your attorney will give you confidence that they will react quickly to events, staying on top of information and developments as they unfold with your case. Promptness will also mean that your attorney will be quick to answer your phone calls and emails or otherwise address any concerns or questions you may have throughout this process.

4. Strategic Thinking and Planning

You want an attorney who will act strategically, maneuvering the case in ways that benefit you as the client, rather than constantly reacting to moves made by the opposing side. This means finding a lawyer who can think ahead about how to best proceed with your case, as well as one who can come up with contingencies if the initial plan gets derailed.

Don’t be afraid to ask your lawyer how they plan to proceed with your case, and what they anticipate the outcome will be. Pick the attorney that can communicate these plans to you as the client.

5. Resources and Support

It is usually the case that your attorney will have multiple other clients they are working with at the same time they are handling your divorce. You will want to be sure that your attorney has the necessary resources to be able to devote attention to your case needs. This means that they should have support staff, fellow lawyers, or other personnel who can help assist with managing your case.

6. Practicing Divorce Attorney in Sugar Land

There is a strategy in choosing a divorce attorney that is local to the area in which you live. Attorneys who regularly work and represent clients in your area will have insider knowledge and familiarity with the county’s court system and any potential opposing attorneys they may face. A local attorney can use this knowledge as they plan their strategy for how to best represent you as a client.

People living near Sugar Land, for example, will benefit from working with divorce attorneys in Sugar Land TX who are knowledgeable about the key players in the court system in the area.

Your attorney is there to serve your best interests, and to help you achieve the best outcome in your divorce. They fill a critical role in this process, and as such you need to be sure that you have found an attorney with all of the qualities necessary to represent you and your interests well. If you keep the qualities listed here in mind as you choose your attorney, you can rest easier knowing you have found a good partner to help you navigate this process.