5 Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

We all yearn to lose some extra flab. In your quest to achieve quick results, you will often encounter various diet plans and hacks that promise weight loss. Moreover, you might find many supplements and novel meal replacement programs that might promise almost instant weight loss. 

However, such diet plans often leave you feeling unsatiated and hungry. Also, most of these diets and meal plans are without any scientific backing. However, you may have unique body chemistry and needs. However, we will discuss some general principles of weight loss that apply to a large population. Read on to find more.

  • 5 Ways to Lose Weight Quickly: 
  1. Consume Kratom

Some herbs can also help manage weight and give you a smooth ride towards enjoying optimum weight. One such herb is kratom. 

This plant is native to the countries of Southeast Asia and is rich in alkaloids. The alkaloids are responsible for various effects in the body. 

Kratom’s ability to manage weight can be traced to various factors. One of them is kratom’s effect on cravings. Consuming kratom can suppress the uncontrollable desire for food. The herb also reduces appetite as you experience natural fullness after taking kratom.

Its ability to manage weight can be traced to the alkaloids in kratom, which trigger the reward zone in the brain. They can substitute for unhealthy food, which reduces food cravings.  Click here to read more about it.

  1. Reduce intake of refined carbs


The best way of losing weight fast is by reducing your refined carbohydrate intake. Consciously cutting back on sugar, starches and refined carbs such as white flour is one of the healthiest choices.  You can switch to a low carbohydrate diet or consume whole grains instead of refined carbs. This way, you will feel less hungry and consume fewer calories. 

Also, when you choose to consume whole grains, which are complex carbs, you will benefit from a higher fiber intake. These complex-carb foods are digested more slowly. Hence, they keep you feeling full for longer. Studies have shown that consuming a low-carb diet is beneficial in losing weight in older people.

  1. Include leafy greens and healthy fats


If you are looking to consume fewer calories without compromising nutrient intake, then leafy greens are your best bet. These veggies are loaded with many nutrients and have very few calories. You can eat large portions of these vegetables without worrying about your calorie intake. Moreover, their fiber component also helps to keep you full for long periods. So, folks, fill up your plate with kale, spinach, lettuce, or Swiss chard to lose those extra kilos. 

Moreover, besides leafy greens, you do not have to shy away from including healthy fats in your diet plan. Choose to consume healthy fat sources like olive oil and avocado oil. Also, seeds and nuts are healthy and delectable ways of consuming fats. However, fats like coconut oil and butter should be used sparingly as they contain saturated fats.

  1. Get moving

You will achieve your weight loss goals more quickly if you include exercise besides a diet plan in your daily routine. There are many exercise forms such as jogging, biking, and playing sports like basketball and tennis that you can perform. However, lifting weights is considered more effective when trying to lose weight quickly. 

Studies show that a slowed-down metabolism is usually observed when weight loss occurs. But, weightlifting helps you burn calories and prevents your system’s metabolic processes from slowing down. You can train by lifting weights about 3 to 4 times per week. Start the practice with a trainer in tow, and after appraising your doctor about your new exercise regimen.

However, for some reason, if you are unable to lift weights, cardio exercises can also help you lose weight. Both lifting weights and cardio exercises are effective ways to lose weight and improve overall health.

  1.  Learn to tame stress

It’s not just about eating the right kind of food and exercising. Under constant stress, even sustained eating plans and workouts would not show desired effects. For those unversed, stress leads to the release of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones may suppress your appetite initially. 

However, when stress becomes chronic, cortisol levels may increase in the bloodstream. These sustained elevated cortisol levels might increase your appetite, and you may eat more often. Cortisol helps the body stock up on nutrient reserves, preferably from carbohydrate sources. Insulin then carries this sugar from carb sources through the bloodstream to the muscles and brain in the body. However, if this sugar remains unutilized during stress, then the body stores this sugar as fat deposits. 

A study showed that an 8-week stress reduction program helped significantly reduce the body mass index (BMI) in the obese or overweight program participants. You can practice yoga, meditation, or even tai chi to tame stress. Also, spending time in nature or with pets, gardening and cooking are other profound yet straightforward activities to reduce your stress levels.

The bottom line

Although these tips and strategies may healthily quicken your weight loss pace, they are not a quick-fix solution to your weight woes. Weight loss requires patience and sustained effort. Furthermore, if you are struggling with any health problem and are looking to use supplements or substances for weight loss purposes, consult your physician before trying them out.