5 Fitness Business Ideas for the Year 2022

The Covid Pandemic has ravaged the fitness industry. Many people have shunned going to the gym as it is now considered a high-risk place. Months of lockdowns and closures have resulted in losses for the fitness industry.

 However, the corona pandemic has made people more health-conscious. The United States is one of the largest markets for the fitness industry. It is valued at a whopping $ 32 billion against the global fitness market pegged at $ 94 billion.

Hence, if you are a fitness professional and toying with a fitness-related business idea, this post will enlighten you on 5 innovative fitness businesses you can start in 2022.

1. Start your CBD business


CBD or cannabidiol is increasingly becoming popular in the health and wellness industry. Since CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, it is increasingly used by pharma and the medical community. CBD is available as capsules, oils, tinctures, and CBD gummies in CBD stores online or in supplements stores in the local market.

The global CBD market will reach $ 47.22 billion by 2028. If you are a CBD connoisseur, you might see an opportunity in this promising herb. You can start a CBD business online. However, you need to identify which CBD products or niche you will sell online and likewise identify CBD suppliers. Furthermore, you will need to create a foolproof business plan that takes cognizance of the laws and regulations surrounding CBD use. 

2. Take the hybrid route.

Practically every business domain is now talking about going hybrid. The fitness industry is no exception. The fitness business has beautifully combined the in-class and online training modes to suit the needs of many people. The covid pandemic has made people wary of visiting enclosed spaces such as the gym or yoga studios. In such cases, instead of losing memberships, fitness studios are now offering virtual training with in-class or offline sessions. As an owner of a fitness club, you can offer to live-stream your real-time classes to members who choose to stay at home. Your on-demand spaces or live stream classes can be combined with in-class experiences.

According to the Global Survey of Fitness Trends, in 2021, online training emerged as the most popular trend in the fitness industry. Moreover, about 40% of the consumers are now booking online training with studios they have never visited. The hybrid model presents an excellent opportunity to expand your clientele with little investment.

3. Offer fitness meals


We all lead busy lives. Whether taking services from a cleaning company or ordering takeout meals, we are always looking to save time. People who go to the gym prefer eating healthy meals. But, to save time or when they are in a rush, mostly they may rely on takeaways which might not be healthy options. Hence, many people are now subscribing to pre-cooked meal options after reaching home. You can tap on this opportunity and offer your customers tasty and healthy pre-cooked meals, especially after a workout. You can chart personalized diet plans and then provide several meal options to your clients. This way, your customers are more likely to stick to their diet plans, and you will get additional revenue. You can open your kitchen or partner with a caterer for the meal kits. This trend is becoming popular with this niche meal kit industry pegged to reach $ 7.63 billion by 2025. Hence, folks, cash in on this seemingly untapped opportunity and grow your brand.

4. Get into a sports massage therapy business.

Sports massage therapy is a kind of physical therapy that can reduce muscle soreness, alleviate inflammation and help in injury rehabilitation. As a sports massage therapist, you will be required to perform fitness assessments of clients and decide what treatment will suit them. You will be giving pre-event and post-event sports massages and evaluating joints for movement and pain. You will provide emergency aid at a sports event and chalk out rehabilitation plans for your injured clients. Although you may begin as a sports massage therapist on an employed basis, it’s better to start your own sports massage therapy business once you have gained experience. You can work as a freelancer with individual clients or with established sports massage therapy clinics. Alternatively, you can also combine being a freelance sports massage therapist with a personal training coach.

5. Become a fitness Youtuber!


YouTube offers a massive revenue-making opportunity to its users. So, folks, instead of mindlessly scrolling through the umpteen Youtube videos, create your own fitness-related Youtube channel, and begin churning out innovative yet practical tips on health and fitness. Select your niche, such as workout at home videos, cooking healthy meals, or doling out advice on health routines. If you are a nutritionist, becoming a fitness YouTuber might be a lucrative option. However, make sure that your content is unique and informative, as there are scores of people out there trying to earn money through YouTube. Post your content regularly with clickbaity thumbnails. Growing your audience on YouTube takes time and patience. Hence, keep posting unique content to increase the organic traffic and rake in the moolah!

Final thoughts

The raging covid pandemic has again reiterated that health is our most prized possession. Naturally, the fitness industry is a burgeoning sector with new technologies and innovations flooding the market regularly. So, if you are itching to start your own business in the fitness niche, these 5 ideas will surely help you build a sustainable business around fitness.