2022 Guide To Responsible Gambling

The idea of responsible gambling will vary from punter to punter. However, we can generally define responsible gambling as gambling in a way that does not negatively impact your finances, mental health, and overall well-being. According to this guide, you’ll come across responsible gambling practices and the perks of gambling responsibly.

In today’s world of online gambling, there are thousands of online casinos around the globe, which makes the platforms very accessible from the comfort of your home. You need a mobile device or laptop, a few pennies, and you’re set to go gambling.

It can be a fun activity when you start getting hundreds of dollars from your few pennies, alongside the thrill of playing the casino games. You’ll find fascinating features like free spins, amazing animations, and many other intriguing qualities.

The problem starts when you lose the willpower to control your gambling urges, and you begin betting with money that could be helpful or essential things. When casino gambling addiction sets in, it damages your finances, social life, mental health and general wellbeing.

Gambling is meant to be a social fun activity, not a source of income. In the following headings, you’ll see how you can gamble responsibly and have fun.

Have A Deposit Limit

The most vital practice of casino gambling is having an efficient budget and bankroll  management. You do not want to spend your hard-earned income on a game where you could lose it all. 

Your first step in maintaining a healthy gambling experience is setting a specific amount that you can deposit in your gambling account online for some time. You are to ensure you do not pass this limit at any given interval, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Whatever percentage you pick should not exceed 10 – 20% of your income. With this practice, you’ll have more control over how much you spend on gambling at a given particular time.

Have A Wagering Limit

Having a wagering limit is also key to having a deposit limit. You can put tools in place to ensure you do not exceed certain limits you place on bets. Once you’ve reached this limit, the tracking tool will restrict you from putting more chances on games.

Implement A Gambling Behaviour Tracking Tool

You’ll find several tools and apps to help you track your gambling activities and take preventive measures when gambling starts having adverse effects on your everyday life. Some of these tools include:

  • Gamban: This app helps gamblers derailing from healthy gambling behaviours to get back on track by blocking access to almost all gambling sites. You get to set the duration for which you want the ban to continue, and it’s best for complete abstinence.
  • MYGU: Monitor Your Gambling & Urges (MYGU) is also an app that makes you self-aware of your gambling behaviours. The Problem Gambling Institute Of Ontario developed the app, and it works by gathering data based on metrics. These metrics include dates and times when gamblers felt the urge to gamble, gains and losses, and many others. The app gives feedback on the metrics and helps with counselling sessions for free.
  • Sobertool: Sobertool is an app that always helps you beat the urge to gamble. A counsellor developed it, and the app gives inputs that let you stay away from gambling habits.
  • Cost2Play: This app calculates your expenses incurred from gambling and tells you how much you’ve spent gambling in the long run.

Set A Loss Limit

Setting loss limits helps you cut down on the amount of money you lose at a particular time. You can make a loss limit from tools that do not let you lose more than you’re capable of losing. If you’re employing a loss limit tool, your account will automatically lock itself and keep you from placing more bets. You can increase your loss limits, but that doesn’t take effect for at least 24 hours.

Set A Time Out

This tool helps you pick a time frame for you to gamble as the player. You won’t be able to exceed this time limit as the online gambling site will alert you of your limit, and you can either decide to pause or continue playing. Your pause duration can range from 24 hours to up to six weeks.

Keep Your Emotions Out Of Gambling

Keeping your emotions out of betting will help you keep a clear head through your gambling activities. Gambling is a 50:50 activity where you could lose your money or win more money. Sentiments should not influence your decisions as it is always a recipe for disaster when betting. Be rational, follow through with your plans, and enjoy the ride.

What Are The Perks Of Responsible Online Gambling?

If you practice responsible gambling, there are numerous benefits you can get, but we’ll only touch on a few. The perks of responsible gambling include the following.

It Helps Prevent Addiction

You can keep addiction at bay by setting limits and frequently reflecting on your gambling behaviour with a healthy gambling habit. With all the tools listed in the above sections, your gambling activity will remain a thing of leisure.

It Helps Promote Financial Stability

When you set a budget aside from your disposable income for gambling and do not exceed it, you’ll discover it’s easier to maintain financial stability. As established, gambling is not a means of income but a means of having fun and making more money if you’re lucky.

Maintains Good Physical and Mental Health 

With great discipline, you’ll maintain good mental and physical health. However, when you go out of control with casino gambling, it can adversely affect your general wellbeing. A gambling addiction can lead to loss of livelihood, depression, and self-harm. Practising responsible gambling will prevent all of these and keep gambling activities fun.